How Nonprofits Can Effectively Raise Revenues Endlessly Without Doing Common Practices

Preserving Your Buying Power
The premonition of nonprofits that they might have a catastrophic future is undeniable, with the prevailing financial meltdown being evident. However, gold has proven to help them survive through any scale of the economic crisis.


Fresno, California (getnews) March 30, 2016 – Non-profits depend on several funding sources to fulfill their missions – Gifts & donations, loan financing, grants, trading, interest from investments and more. All of them are being offered in paper currency. But with the government’s financial mismanagement, prominence of inflation & diminishment of dollar value, the future of nonprofits is in jeopardy. This is where gold comes as a savior for such organizations to override financial crisis. With Karatbars Bullion, harnessing the power of gold is possible for anyone.

Karatbars International is a leading e-commerce company providing 999.9, 24 karat gold bullion in small, usable and affordable increments. The firm brings in a unique model with which nonprofit organizations not just develop a growing stream of income, but also let them exchange their cash assets and savings for gold.

Matt Rittick, Financial Advisor and Karatbars International Affiliate said, “The service program is designed to help people and organizations have the opportunity to avoid dangers of financial crisis, while also producing a significant funding component by helping others protecting themselves financially and insure against the inevitability of inflation & currency devaluation.”

Karatbars bullion is provided in the form of a heavy duty credit card that is transaction-friendly. It is also certified by the world’s foremost authorities on gold standards. The company claimed that they are trustworthy, having had passed tests set forth by various regulatory bodies.

The beauty of gold lies in its ability to retain wealth represented by dollars. “Unlike paper dollars, gold is not subject to devaluation,” says Matt, “Organizations like yours stands to benefit from Karatbars International’s offering. You will have access to a group of member supporters who are interested in a mutually beneficial result and share common goals with you. They, in turn, are also connected with other members and organizations in that community.”

Organizations can open their gold savings account with Karatbars International at no cost & zero obligations. Rather than making a purchase, members are provided the privilege of exchanging their declining paper currency for a more stable one, which is gold.

Matt explained, “Once your organization is issued the Karatbars gold bullion, your Karatbars plan will generate funding, commission or referral fees that are subsequently paid to you. The plan is completely self-funded by nature with the transfer of cash into gold.” Karatbars international, through their gold bullion, not just assists in funding nonprofits, but also empower an entire community as well.

Here’s Jonathan Johnson, Chairman of explaining how his company remains secured against financial crisis with the influence of gold:


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Karatbars International is a debt-free, e-commerce company offering 24 karat pure gold bullion for members. They assist individuals and organizations to remain unaffected by unforeseen dip in paper currency value, using the stable gold currency.


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