New Headphones Glow to the Beat

California, USA July 24 – Want to dance to the beat of your own drum with headphones that keep up? Now your headphones will light up and ‘dance’ in sync with your tunes! With the help of a savvy crowdsourced funding Kickstarter campaign, the Kusky™ Premium GloSync™ Headphone will have you moving and glowing to any beat.

These unique high-end headphones feature a patented electroluminescent glow sync cable which brings music to life by glowing and blinking to the beats of your tunes.  In addition to the built in ‘light show’, they also feature passive noise isolation, a built-in microphone, voice commands, and supreme sound quality.

The inventors have finished construction of our prototypes and now they need your help bringing this funky and functional product to life. How cool would these be for your next DJ gig or house party? They are durable and flexible and foldable so can fit into any lifestyle.  As the campaign site explains the vision was to develop a headphone that was supreme in sound and design. They are on the cutting-edge of excellence and are truly one of a kind for any music lover. From fans to pros, these Kusky™ headphones can take anything you can dish out – and can fold up to take in your gym bag or on tour. 

The control box has a built in microphone and smart button for voice commands. Now you’re in control make or answer phone calls, skip tracks or support other voice commands with your smartphone.

Check out the construction and design features on the campaign site.  These headphones are the real deal. They meld form and function and are extendable for the perfect fit. The EL glow cable will light up, glow and blink in synch to the beat of the music being played. On a full charge the Kusky™ Premium GloSync™ Headphone can go strong for up to 5 hours of continuous play.

Whether you’re doing a mash-up or late-night jog, you’ll be spotted by everyone around (bonus safety benefit).  Want to be sure these can really keep up with your lifestyle? The designers went out of their way to ensure they are rugged and the folding feature allows you to bend, twist, and yes… even drop the headphones without breaking them.  Great perks start from just one dollar and whether you donate a dollar or a hundred– every contribution counts.  At five dollars they will give you a shout out and thanks for your support on their website.  Just $25 gets you their special metallic LED light earphone (lights up and sync to beats of your tunes). Add $10 for shipping outside the US. For $60 or more (the first 100 backers) get a 1st Edition premium Glosync ™ Headphone in colour choice of blue, green, or orange. You’ll also get a special Kusky™ Metallic Earphone! The Earphones are blue, green or pink. Estimated delivery of December – so get Christmas shopping done early. For a bit more get the ‘Complete Package’ the headphones and metallic earphone (your colour choices). Pledge $85 or more and get your headphones first with the early bird special (reserve early and get your headphones 60 days before everyone else) be the trend setter. Be the first to get yours – or give a fantastic unique gift for Christmas. Even if you can’t donate right now – you can still help out. Share the links below with everyone in your network. Who knows – they may end up under your tree at Christmas as a thanks for sharing.

Kusky™ Premium GloSync™ Kickstarter Campaign

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