LidSitter – Innovative Tool That Makes Cooking Easier and Cleaner!

Pre-order the LidSitter is finally available on the IndieGoGo campaign.

San Leandro, United States – March 30, 2016 – LidSitter is an innovative tool to make cooking easier. Every family needs one in their kitchen, especially those who have small kitchens with limited counter space. This organizational tool is designed to hold iPads, tablets, or cookbooks on the counter while taking up very little space. It can also be used to place lids or ladles safely on the pot’s rim to eliminate unwanted spills on the stove or counter. The item is available on pre-order for a limited time on the IndieGoGo campaign

The LidSitter takes simple cooking to another level. This incredible device was created by Khanh Bui to help his wife, a passionate cook, make a delicious meal with ease in their small kitchen that had limited counter space. However, after his wife’s back surgery left her with limited mobility and it made it harder for her to cook. So he developed the LidSitter to make cooking more comfortable for his wife! 

It’s made of stainless steel wire-form and nylon handle. One end of the wire-form design engages with the pot lid handle while the other snugly attaches to the cooking pot’s rim. The LidSitter’s unique shape is fabricated from spring-steel that provides a secure attachment combined with flexible mobility. This kitchen tool keeps lids within and reduces back strain. The spring-steel and nylon materials allow heat to dissipate from the device at a much faster rate than other metal surfaces, including the cooking pot and lid, ensuring that the LidSitter can be safely used on a gas stovetop and reduces accidental burns. 

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