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AMS Anti-Microbial Multi-Purpose Vinyl gloves are designed to use around-the-house or office for housekeeping, food service, general purpose, industrial or any non-medical use. They utilize built-in EPA Registered Anti-Microbial agents to protect the glove. AMS Gloves are made from the highest quality polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers available.

AMS Antimicrobial General Purpose Gloves Retail Bag Set-Up

Supreme Industrial Products Inc. Mansfield, MA., a leading United States and North American Glove distributor, is pleased to announce it has an agreement with Omni International Corp and Anti‐Microbial Solutions LLC (AMS) in utilizing their Anti‐Microbial Technology in the OmniSafe™ Brand family of retail general purpose service gloves. 

The OmniSafe™ AMS anti‐microbial process is completely safe for use in any environment. The AMS Worldwide Anti‐Microbial Technology has been developed using all EPA Registered ingredients and has been shown in independent lab tests to be 99.9% effective against certain harmful bacteria. This new AMS technology capitalizes on the beneficial effects of non‐carcinogenic, non‐ allergenic and anti‐fungal agents.

OmniSafe™ are the first gloves known to have anti‐microbial qualities “built in” to the product, not just on it. There are products, in development and that were previously produced, which utilize a topical coating. However, our technology marries the polymer with the anti‐microbial agent. It can’t wash off, it can’t be rubbed off ‐ in fact, it remains 99.9% effective against bacteria and fungi for the life of the product. The effectiveness of a coated anti‐microbial agent could diminish upon exposure to the atmosphere and environment while the gloves are in storage. Literally, AMS Technology becomes an integral part of the product. 

AMS Technology also has made the OmniSafe™ General Purpose Gloves softer, silkier and more comfortable to wear than an untreated glove product. 

As demand for protective gloves continues to grow due to increased awareness, enhanced barrier protection and the higher probability of cross contamination, AMS Technology creates a stronger protection. Omni International has commitments from major customers to convert their existing glove usage over to the AMS Anti‐Microbial Technology. 

Supreme Industrial Products is a distributor of high quality disposable vinyl, nitrile and latex gloves in the medical/dental/veterinary, food service, consumer/retail, and industrial markets. Supreme Industrial specializes in DINP/DOP/DEHP Free Vinyl and NSF Certified Food Service Gloves utilizing a select dedicated ISO Certified manufacturing partner in China. 

For more information, contact; E. J. Richard 11 Norfolk St. Mansfield, MA. 02048 508-326-1806 

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