Species and Ghosts of Mars star NATASHA HENSTRIDGE join’s cast of MCMFILMS, action/thriller WIDOW CREEK

SANTA MONICA, CA – 30 Mar, 2016 – Natasha Henstridge takes on another action-heroine lead in the MCMFILMS adventure/thriller “Widow Creek” as Sheriff Kathryn Grant. In this role she will go head-to-head with backwoods serial killer Richard Williams, played by Kane Hodder (Friday the Thirteenth and Hatchet) who she must track down before he gets to six young hikers on a weekend campout in the forests of the Appalachian mountains. 

For further information contact Michael Merino at (310) 498-3996 or mcmfilmproductions@gmail.com

Natasha Henstridge was born in Springdale, Newfoundland, Canada. She started her career as a model in Paris, France. At only 19, she landed the starring role of the science-fiction thriller Species, opposite Sir Ben Kingsley and Forest Whitaker. The film became a worldwide hit critically and commercially and Natasha received praise for her performance as the genetically-modified Sil, including an MTV Award. Not since the Hitchcock era had someone redefined the “femme fatale” for a new generation. Her film career has spanned over 35 movies to date.

MCMFILMS is an independent production company producing feature-length thrillers including “502”, and “The Haunting of Pearson Place” as well as the television pilot “Drakul”. 

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