Angry parrot and Naughty elk bottle opener surpasses its fundraising goal on Kickstarter

The multipurpose bottle openers that also work as Carabiners and key holders launched on Kickstarter has exceeded their fundraising goal of raising £999. Backers all over the world have given a great response to the product and supported the campaign with great enthusiasm. The campaign ends on 17th April and it is expected to raise good funding in the last few weeks.

Angry Parrot and Naughty elk are multipurpose bottle openers that also work as carabiners, key holders, hex bit holder, mini pry bar, can pull tab lifter and box opener. They are made of aerospace Titanium GR5, which is known for its strength and durability.

The carabiners are cut from 5 mm Titanium plate and sandblasted for a smooth finish and increased strength. The product is designed in such a way that one product serves multiple functions. It comes in three variations which are named according to their designs that are Angry Parrot, Naughty Elk, and Crocobiner.

The unique and innovative design of the product can also be used for opening cans or opening a box by cutting the tape or carton through its pointed edges while the ‘beak’ of the Angry parrot can be used to remove nails from a surface.

The product is designed to combine all these small everyday functions in one tool which is easy to be carried around anywhere. It can be worn on the jeans or trousers and also be used as a key holder so that the user always have a solution to everyday situations such as opening a bottle, can etc.

The amount raised from the campaign will be utilized to acquire the material so that the makers can put the product into mass production. After the raw material is gathered, cutting and processing the order will be done. The Kickstarter campaign also offers several rewards to the backers and a chance to order the carabiners at an early bird price.

The £19 rewards offering the Angry Parrot and Naughty Elk carabiner is already gone due to huge demand from the backers. Now, the users can pledge for £23 and get the Naughty Elk or Angry Parrot carabiner with free shipping. If the user wants to order both, they can pledge for £35. By pledging for £65, the backers can order all three carabiners including the Naughty Elk, Angry Parrot, and Crocobiner.

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