Local Company Offers Springtime Pest Control Tips

Ottawa, ON – Now that Spring is arriving, it’s time to get a handle on pest control once again. Even the smallest of pesky flies can have harmful effects upon human health as well as property, so pest control is no joke. From bedbugs and roaches to rodents and birds, once they’re in your home it’s hard to get them to leave. It’s impossible to prevent any and all entry, but a little time and a little knowledge can make things easier on you and a lot harder on those pesky pests.

“If you haven’t already, you’re going to want to start your pest control now, before the season is in full swing,” recommends David Matthis, a spokesman for Pest Patrol out of Ottawa. “With the right precautions in place, year-round pest control is a lot easier than you would think, especially considering how much your quality of life can improve.” 

An owner-operated company, Pest Patrol brings a personal touch to their eco-friendly full service pest management. It’s not hard to fathom their five star rating and shining customer reviews once you see the attention to detail and the complete customer satisfaction being brought to the table. Providing service to residential homes and apartments as well as commercial buildings, all with 24/7 and within the hour emergency services available, Pest Patrol could be changing the game for pest control in Ottawa.

“Pest control is important, but safety is just as high a priority when it comes to the environment and our customers,” Matthis continues. “We rely on in depth training, expertise, and sophisticated techniques in order to provide a higher quality of pest management in an environmentally friendly nature.” 

At the first sign of an infestation, most people will go grabbing for some type of pesticide, not taking into consideration the longterm effects these toxic chemicals can have on themselves or their pets. But pests in the home can be just as harmful as those pesticides, given that the smallest bite or sting can come laden with disease. Bugs can even find their way into furniture, food, bedding and clothing, where they can set up a home and begin ushering other unwanted pests into the home. That’s where Pest Patrol comes in with their eco-friendly methods.

“It’s really just home maintenance; keeping your home clean, dry, and well sealed,” remarks Matthis. “If heavy snow or ice has damaged your home in any way, that’s the first thing you want to take care of in the Spring, because you can bet that’s where bugs and rodents are going to be getting in. The goal isn’t just to keep pests out, it’s to make your home unwelcoming for those that do get in.”

Pest Patrol knows that the proper treatment of pests plays a major role in any community, allowing residents to live healthy and comfortable lives without threat of disease or the unpleasantness of bugs. This Spring, remember that a consistent check of your home’s structure-a well as some eco-friendly ammunition on hand-will keep out mosquitoes, roaches, ants and termites. You can even have bedbugs thinking twice about turning your home into their own. But even if all else fails, you can rest easy knowing that Pest Patrol is there for you, day or night.

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Pest Patrol is an Ottawa Pest Control company, located at 444 Tremblay Road, Ottawa, ON K1G 0C9.

You can reach them any time from their office number: (613) 316-6649 or their website: http://pestpatrolottawa.ca/

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