Affiliate Marketing Online is Replacing Day Jobs for Actors, Musicians, and Entertainers

“Actor Dave Bresnahan says day jobs hurt the careers of entertainers. He earns money online instead.”
Actors, musicians, and entertainers are turning to online marketing and affiliate marketing to replace day jobs that interfere with their careers.

Park City, Utah – Affiliate marketing online is the newest way for actors, musicians, and entertainers of all types to earn a living while pursuing their career in the arts. Traditional day jobs are out, and online marketing is now in.

“Getting an acting gig, or just an audition is tough. The average actor cannot make a living, so day jobs have always been required to survive. But the day job boss is often reluctant to give actors time off. So many face the tough choice of day job, or entertainment career,” explained actor Dave Bresnahan (

He says he found a great solution to the problem when he started affiliate online marketing over ten years ago. Most affiliate marketing involves teaming up with a company that allows independent marketers to have a copy of their website. Affiliates advertise and promote the site, and receive commissions from any sales it makes. Bresnahan says those are one-time sales with one-time commissions. He prefers websites that charge customers monthly, giving him repeat monthly income.

“Over the years I’ve carefully researched and tested websites that provide repeat monthly sales, and pay a repeat commission month after month. This means my income from last month continues this month, and new sales this month make my income go up each and every month. I love it! I now have the freedom to go to auditions and take a role in a film with no worries. It’s every actor’s dream day job,” said Bresnahan.

To help other actors and entertainers learn how it works, he created a website at where there are several short videos, as well as a free report with details on how it works. There’s no hype, or promises of get-rich-fast deals.

“I tell everyone, this is get rich slow. This is a business that is very low-cost to start, low-cost to advertise, and does not involve twisting the arms of all your friends and family. I hate that stuff and never, never do that. This is the best day job in the world,” said Bresnahan.

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