Understanding the Basics of Filing for a Personal Injury Claim

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There is a branch of law that guarantees the protection of every citizen against the negligent acts of others.

While these negligence can also be in the form of a criminal act, the victim can also file for a separate civil lawsuit known as personal injury. In the past, personal injury claims were not really common. However, with the ever-increasing demand for respect for individual human rights, more and more are invoking their right to sue someone who may have directly or indirectly violated their fundamental rights.

Personal injury claims are almost always related to one’s inherent civil rights upon which someone else’s negligence has clearly violated those rights. For example, if you were walking down the street and you were suddenly attacked by a rabid dog requiring a trip to the emergency room, several shots of anti-rabies vaccines, and several stitches and medications, you can actually file for a personal injury claim against the owner of the dog who may be found negligent for not keeping his dog secure or giving his dog the appropriate anti-rabies shots. Just make sure though that the attack was unprovoked. Similarly, if you are working in an environment full of hazardous materials yet the company only provides you with mediocre quality of personal protective equipment and you got ill because of your exposure to these harmful chemicals, you can also sue the company for personal injuries.

The point about filing for a personal injury claim, as what those at the Coleman Law Firm always tell their clients, is that the injury you sustained should be linked directly to an incident or an event that is caused by the negligence of another person or a particular organization. Now, different jurisdictions may have different interpretations of what type of injuries are admissible in a personal injury case. Nevertheless, there is growing evidence that courts are now considering emotional trauma or psychological issues that can be directly linked to the incident as possible types of injuries in a personal injury case. While it may be a little bit more challenging to prove, emotional and psychological injury claims can nonetheless result in successful claims if handled by a competent personal injury lawyer, especially one who is well-experienced handling emotional and psychological injury cases.

When filing for a personal injury claim, it is, therefore, important to provide evidence linking your injuries to the negligence of others. Without these pieces of evidence, it might be more difficult to win a case. Call a personal injury lawyer if you want to learn some more.

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