Berry Metrics launches data analytics dashboard, tailored for online stores

New York-based startup company Berrymetrics has announced the launch of data analytics services, specially designed for the online stores. Rui Delgado, founder, and CEO of the company along with Ricardo Vazquez, co-founder, and CTO have created a subscription-based service that helps online stores grow with the help of smart insights and data analytics.

The data analytics services offered by the company will help the online stores in acquiring, converting and retaining more clients. Using the Berry metrics data analytics dashboard, the online stores can make their data simple to understand and human-friendly. The well-designed interface ensures a great user experience and fits the needs of almost all the online stores. Through the Berrymetrics dashboard, the online stores can also get smart suggestions to improve the conversion which will ultimately help them in boosting their sales.

Rui Delgado and Ricardo Vazquez observed the need to create a platform which will allow the businesses, especially the online stores to understand the website and company data in a better way, which led to the creation of Berry Metrics.“Most of the people who start their online stores come from a design, fashion or business background, having no or less technical knowledge. They either outsource the technical part or end up paying a lot more than needed to get their data analyzed. This is why we designed Berry Metrics to help such stores in understanding the gathered data in a better way without having to spend unnecessary amounts of money”, said Delgado in a statement.

Berry Metrics will enable the online store owners to understand various aspects of data analytics such as what metrics to consider, how to manually customize the available analytics products for their needs and what to do with the gathered data among others.

Delgado further added in his statement, “We found that online stores lose around 36% of potential clients because they’re not able to use the customer data properly. Due to lack of knowledge, they end up spending $1K-$3K/month in getting tools and developers to get the job done”.

Berrymetrics will help the online stores in utilizing their customer data to the best and engage with them properly, thus increasing their chances of retaining the customer. The platform is designed to help the businesses in handling their sales and operations while also increase their conversion rate up to 30% with the data and insights. More information about the services and the company can be found at

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