Under Inflated Tires Costing American Motorists Millions of Dollars Per Annum

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With Spring arriving and the weather warming up, millions of American motorists are shaking off the Winter blues by climbing into their cars and hitting the highways. Before getting in that driver’s seat, though, they should be checking their tire pressures, not only for safety reasons but also to save significant avoidable expenses on gas usage and tire wear.

Beverley Hills, California – April 1st 2016 – Incorrect tire pressures could be unduly impacting on the bank accounts of millions of Americans. Studies have shown that fuel economy diminishes once tires have become underinflated, causing uneven wear and shorter tire life. It also increases the risk of blow outs.

The US Department of Energy recently discovered that a drop of 10psi in pressure can result in a 3% decrease in fuel efficiency. That could mean a saving of over $100 per year on a typical annual fuel spend of $3,500. It isn’t chump change and 10psi is not an unusually low drop in pressure. With surveys showing that 36% of cars on the road are running with tire pressure levels of 20% below their recommended levels or worse, having the correct pressure could collectively be saving Americans motorists millions of dollars per year.

A 2009 Michelin study in the United Kingdom showed that over 370 million litres of fuel (98 million US gallons) are wasted per year due to poor tire inflation. It’s an incredible amount of wastage which could be reduced with regular, monthly tire checks.

The costs do not end there, however, as under inflation also drastically reduces tire lifespan. The general rule is that a set of tires underinflated by 10% will suffer a 10% reduction in tire life. A pressure decrease by 25%, however, can slash tire life by up to 30%. Again, over a third of American cars are running with tires deflated by 20%. Factoring in the costs of replacing tires, neglecting to carry out regular tire pressure checks is likely to be an expensive oversight.

Auto-Tec spokesperson Annie Michaels said “Correct inflation of car and motorcycle tires to manufacturers’ recommended levels can save motorists and the American economy millions of dollars per year.  Auto-Tec recommend you check your tire pressures at least monthly with a calibrated tire pressure gauge.  The cost of the gauge could easily be repaid within weeks from the savings made in better fuel economy and prolonged tire life.”

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