iTestCash offers full details about Top Currency Counters For 2016 and expands its office chairs furniture collection

01 Apr, 2016 – iTestCash, the security products’ specialist has now added an informative section on its website that has first hand information about the top currency counters for 2016 to help businesses and individuals make well informed decisions. As iTestCash has many years of experience in selling high-end cash handling appliances, they are highly aware about which product are worth the investment and which are not. This latest guide about the latest currency counters is quite helpful for new buyers as it includes the expertise and feedback acquired from customers across the world.

The blog section is regularly updated with useful information about the latest currency counters in the market to keep you well informed before proceeding to make a purchase. When you click on the link at you will be able to know more about the top currency counter machines that are on sale in the market this year. The products are listed from 1 to 5 to help the readers like you know which are the top most ones that are worth investing for businesses or for individual purposes. At number 1 is the Cassida 5520 model that is rich with multiple features to detect the counterfeit notes quickly. It is efficient enough to count the currencies at the speed rate of 1300 bills per minute. It also specifies about the innovative feature of this machine like the Valucount functionality that makes it simple to count money of different denominations.

The second one in this line of best money counting machines is the Semacon S-1025 which is a mini currency counting machine that is perfect for both small to midsized businesses. This feature rich product is capable of counting 900 currency bills for one minute and detects counterfeit bills using UV and magnetic power. The Accubanker AB 1100 is listed as the third best product which can count about 1200 bills per minute and have adding and batching features. It has emergency stop feature to halt the operations at the push of the button. This product is ideal for supermarkets, banks, theaters, concert venues etc. The other products on the line are Semacon S-1225 that grabs the 4th spot, while the Cassida Tiger holds the fifth position respectively.

Both these products flaunt a compact dimensions and have efficient features. iTestCash has also expanded its line of office chairs this year to help businesses impress their clients and to provide a better office environment for employees. You can choose from high back leather chairs with ribbed upholstery, mesh office chairs with swivel function, computer chairs, white leather executive chairs, multishift black leather chair for intense use round the clock and much more.

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iTestCash is an expert in providing high quality security products and office furniture for over 8 years that has made them a leader in the cash handling industry. The company specializes in selling products that help both individuals and businesses to check the authenticity of credit cards, ID cards and currency bills.

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