Promising financial future for cash flow sharks, not mermaids, despite expanding local & global problems

Boston, MA – Apr 1, 2016 – Too many signs of challenging financial climate are ahead of us. Yet Tech Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Al Khodary think otherwise. “The best opportunities on earth are yet to come,” he says. Most traditional known investments nowadays are unstable and ever changing. But there are better ways to preserve and exponentially grow wealth, just like billionaires do.

Those who evolve and learn a few simple steps on how to buy existing cash flow-rich businesses without risking any of their savings will lead the new wave of growth. For the first time ever, now in a simplified non-Wall Street complex manner, the average Joe & Jane gets a chance. There are thousands of sellers waiting to give away their businesses, for a multitude of reasons. Al predicts that the current 2.44 million businesses for sale in the U.S. and U.K. alone could increase by 10 percent by the year’s end.

“This increase will expand the window of opportunities for the right entrepreneurs, especially those that prefer to stay at the top of the food chain and equip themselves with more leverage and power to accelerate success,” explains Al. Even baby boomers that lost all their savings in the 2008 financial crisis can recover and prosper; a rock solid mindset is needed. And acquiring the right business type that makes sense to them, supports their life style, and financial objectives.

Al is not a financial professional; he actually prefers to delegate to the right experts. But he can manage with basics, just like everyone else. Along with co-founder Acquisitions Expert & CTO, Carl Allen, he created to spread their passion of the mastermind principle and innovative thinking & bring some much-needed value to the entrepreneurial landscape.

Famous investor and author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki often speaks about the importance of “thinking differently to get an edge.” And American author Napoleon Hill says, “Analyze the record of any great man who has accumulated a great fortune… and you will find that they have either consciously or unconsciously employed the MASTERMIND principle. Great (financial) power can be accumulated through NO OTHER principle.”

A top-notch, flawless training and blueprint program that demystifies the complex processes of buying businesses is now alive for the average entrepreneur. “It’s simple and easy to understand, for anyone from any background, and action oriented, but just like any new skill, requires patience and most importantly application. Far from a ‘pill’ solution! However, the scalability of the process is unprecedented and is limited to one’s imagination only,” says Al.

This blueprint is the same one that Carl Allen used to buy and sell over 250 businesses with annual sales revenues of $50 Billion in the last 23 years. Carl, the mastermind behind the scene, reveals in a free webinar how he helped Matt Liddle, a Florida-based former IT sales manager and an Acquisitionr graduate, to apply the training and quit his job, acquire a risk-free $4.6M in sales dream business, 30 miles away from his home as well as pocket $100K at closing in less than 15 weeks.*

Some people can see how even local small businesses can tap into unknown sources of exponential growth is hidden in plain sight, some can’t!

To learn more about Acquisitionr’s mission and the program, please reserve your spot today online for a FREE master class, visit

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