Auto Trunk Organizer by CargOnizePro delights customers with its multi-functional uses

The Auto-Trunk Organizer launched on Amazon by CargOnizePro has received great reviews from the customers. The company is excited about the fact that customers are using the product not just as an auto trunk organizer but also to manage items in the wardrobe, kitchen, kid’s room, garage and store room among others. Due to its unique design, the product not only proves effective in managing items in the back seat or trunk of the car but at other places too.

One of the Amazon users Kaggy Parks mentions in her review, “Yay! The answer to my entire baby wearing troubles! As a mom of two under two, baby wearing is a must if we are leaving the house. I used to haul my expensive Tulas in and out each time we would leave and it was such a hassle. This thing organizes them and keeps them from getting trampled by my two years old! I have already recommended it to several of my friends! It’s the bomb!”

Auto trunk organizer was launched with the purpose of organizing items at the back seat or trunk of the car to protect them from scattering here and there but now that the customers have discovered several other uses of the product, it can be called as a multi-functional storage box and organizer. It features a large center space along with side pockets to fit in all kinds of items, big or small and keep it in place.

The product is made of strong fabric, sturdy enough to hold heavy items. The adjustable dividers allow the user to customize the organizer according to their needs and can also be removed when not in use. The rigid bottom keeps it fixed in the back seat or the trunk of the car, eliminating any risk of falling.

Auto Trunk Organizer can keep kid’s toys in one place, organize clothes in the wardrobe and utensils in the kitchen. The product also comes with a money back guarantee with 100% refund within 30 days. More information about the product can be seen on

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