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SAINT LOUIS, MO – 04 Apr, 2016 – (PAC) Authority College recognizes MONUMENT GOLD GROUP as the best company striving to achieve customer satisfaction by putting the client’s needs first.

“Monument Gold Group strives to achieve customer satisfaction through excellence in addressing client needs, providing valuable product knowledge, with a handheld approach and a long lasting relationship. Each account is personally managed by a well trained Precious Metals Specialist and through our drive and expertise, we are uniquely positioned to provide a wide variety of Gold and Silver products.” – William Hart, MONUMENT GOLD GROUP’S Spokesperson 

For more information: Contact: CALL 1-800-794-0802  or via email


CALL 1-800-794-0802  or via email

(PAC) Authority College recognizes Mrs. Indu Chhabra a top professional in Electronic Trade-In Industry.

“When you first upgrade to a new device is the best time to trade in and get cash for your old one when it is worth the most,” says Indu Chhabra, CEO of BuyBackQueen, “If you have waited awhile and your device is no longer worth much you may try using one of our creative reuse ideas to make practical use of your old one.” “In addition to trading in you could also use your old smart device as MP3, Video Player, Alarm Clock, Video Recorder, Camera, Night Light, GPS, etc.” suggests Buy Back Queen, Indu Chhabra, “Let us keep our planet clean.” Source:

For more information or to contact Buy Back Queen’s trade-in experts you can call 001-314-475-3069 or toll free 1-844-380-3552

(PAC) Authority College recognizes as a top professional in Online Distance Learning.

“Natural Healing College announced that the majority of new students are taking advantage of Zero Interest Tuition Plan. Natural Healing College’s Holistic, Nutritional Wellness, Aromatherapy and Herbalism programs are designed to provide flexibility to fit your time schedule, lifestyle and budget.”

For more information or to contact Holistic Health College by calling (209) 390-8076 Extension 111

For more information about us, please visit

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Company Name:
Contact Person: Shawn Chhabra
Phone: 001-314-246-9642
Address:10233 Bach Blvd
City: Saint Louis
State: Missouri
Country: United States