Gamma SEO Launch Google Reconsideration Request Service To Deal With Sites Punished By Google Algorithm

Got punished by Google Algorithm – Don’t Panic Gamma SEO to the rescue. The SEO experts have launched a service to help those sites that have been punished by Google Algorithm to recover.

A Boston-based SEO company is now offering to help those people punished by Google and their Algorithm system to recover from the enforced penalties. The service provides the website owner with an important service to remove any negative SEO and have the site reconsidered by Google. Gamma SEO Boston launched their reconsideration submission and healing service to help website owners recover and achieve their goal of gaining traffic and sales.

Each year millions of websites are penalized by Google and their Algorithm for failing to follow their guidelines and rules. This happens when website owners use Black Hat SEO or turn to unqualified SEO companies who damage the site through their bad practice. When a website receives penalties from Google, it will result in the site not being found in the search engines, which in return will result in the lack of traffic and sales.

An expert from Gamma SEO has said for websites to keep inline with the guidelines set by Google and avoid being penalized they have to use a reputable SEO company.

A spokesman for Gamma SEO said: “There are two ways that the new Algorithm can hurt a website. The website can be downgraded, or it can be given a manual penalty. We can provide a professional service to help websites recover.”

When a website has received a manual penalty, it means that a member of Google’s team has looked at the site and found it violating Google terms and conditions. This can happen when paying for links or hiding keywords on a page.

The Google Reconsideration Request Service aims to help website owners to have the penalties removed. The service looks at the reasons why the site has been penalized by Google and takes action to fix the problem. Once the problem has been fixed a reconsideration request is then sent to Google to have the penalties removed.

Gamma SEO will provide the information that Google needs to remove the penalty. That includes what caused the penalty, what action was taken to clean up the site and deal with the rules being broken as well as providing proof of that action. The service has already helped many website owners to have the penalty removed and allow their site to recover and achieve positive online ranking.

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