Remedy for Anxious Pets Hidden in SmartPhones

New website allows pet owners to review the best pet tech gadgets for separation anxiety relief

It may be hard to believe, but an effective cure for pet separation anxiety lies hidden in SmartPhones. No longer will pet dog and cat owners have to leave their indoor pets home alone, living in stress and anxiety, while the owners put in long hours at the office.

Welcome to the World of Smart Pet Technology.

People use smart technology with their TVs, and security systems – and now, they can use it with their pets, with the use of wireless pet cameras.

There are a range of innovative pet cameras out there that have been specifically created to bring peace to both anxious pets and their pet owners.

They offer a range of soothing and calming features including automatic treat dispensers, the ability to talk remotely to pets to provide comfort, interactive laser game pointers, calming scent dispensers, and even the ability for dogs and cats to call their owners from home when they want to hear their voice.

They are reviewed and compared extensively at

Still, it’s important to pick the right pet camera for the needs of both of both the pet owner and their pets. To meet that need, the new site now showcases and reviews the latest pet tech gadgets including pet trackers, pet cameras and pet activity trackers.

“The days when pet owners could do nothing but leave anxious pets home alone fretting are gone,” says Karin Kern, founder of the Best Pet Trackers website, “and the Best Pet Trackers website will help pet owners find the best options for them.” is a helpful consumer resource website independently reviewing innovative pet tech gadgets online.

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