Chelsea Decorative Metal Company has Brought Back Tin Ceilings

HOUSTON, TX – 5 Apr, 2016 – Press tin ceilings are now available through a company out of Houston, Texas. Glenn “The Tinman” Eldridge is the owner of Chelsea Decorative Metal Company that manufactures pressed tin sheets for walls and ceilings. This company has brought back the original designs that have decorated homes and businesses throughout the years. They can be used in new construction as well as for remodeling old homes. These sheets are decorative, nostalgic and affordable.

Stamped on large powerful presses make for great quality and gives the original designs the character they always had. All the production is done on the premises in a large warehouse and most orders can be shipped immediately. The Tinman does diagram of your rooms at no charge and customers can call with any question they have from start to finish.

Chelsea also distributes these sheets, which can date back as far as the 1800s. There are many styles available that range from Art Deco and Turn of the Century to Americana and Victorian. These are tin-plated steel sheets, definitely not plastic, with a shiny silver finish, although they also offer a copper finish and several hand painted faux finishes. The silver sheets have great paint retention.

The material is quite decorative and have a 6″, 12″ or 24″ repeat pattern on sheets that are 2ft. x 4ft. The various sizes make it convenient for using in any area one desires. The 24″ patterns are perfect for high areas regardless of the size of the room, while the 6″ patterns help small areas seem bigger because of their repeat. The 6” patterns are also perfect for a backsplash. The 12″ pattern falls right in between and works best in large rooms with lower ceilings. The choice of style run across the board and cornice (like a crown molding) completes the scene. There is also a filler panel that can go between the sheets and the cornice making a nice clean transition and molded filler for a more ornate look like one would find in a formal dining room.

The nostalgia of the product can add to the atmosphere also. Many people remember the tin ceilings in the corner candy store or ice cream parlor while others remember them in the drug store or hardware store, many were covered up once suspended ceilings became popular. So now Chelsea also makes available any design in a 2′ x 2′ sheet for a suspended ceiling. These sheets might take one back to childhood times when things were much simpler.

Decorator can use the product in other projects throughout a home. Wainscoting, behind a wood stove or in the front of a bar. The 2ft. x 4ft. sheets make installation easy so the Do-It-Yourselfer should be able to handle any project with ease. Designers can use them as backdrops for displays in windows. Builders can add that something extra in their model homes and architects can continue using them in more bars and restaurants and start using them in retail stores, cookie shops, flower shops and more.

All the regular silver sheets are the same price and the prices are listed at as well as all the patterns and styles. Cornices, filler, molded fillers; friezes and even a medallion can be found there with instructions for installation of a ceiling or a backsplash. There is a gallery with pictures of finished installations. There is also an email address where one can ask question directly to the Tinman or send a diagram of the room with measurement to get a total price with shipping.

Chelsea Decorative Metal Company has brought back a wonderful product which is affordable, easy to install and is decorative. You won’t find anything as decorative for the price. The Tinman says, “The only thing better than our product is our service.”

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