Amazon Launches New Self Help Book To Overcome Stress and Communicate Effectively

Emotional Smarts: 60 Stress Management & Communication Techniques For Emotional Freedom. The book is available as a paperback and Kindle from Amazon and was written by Robin W. Bilazarian

A new self-help book has been launched on Amazon to help people deal with the many different emotional issues that come with living in a modern, stress filled world. The book titled Emotional Smarts is written by Robin Bilazarian, LCSW, DCSW, DCEP, an International Certified Master EFT Trainer, psychotherapist, author, lecturer, and trainer. It teaches people how to overcome emotional issues such as stress, anxiety, loss, anger and to communicate effectively.

Here are two recommendations from readers.

“Emotional Smarts is elegant:  an offering of powerful techniques made simple to understand and use.  The wise, humorous, and often poignant book teaches us how to reduce or eliminate the effects of stress on the body and mind and to improve our relationships through better communication.  Some of the 60 techniques are quick and simple, while others require more thought and reflection.  All are explained in a straightforward manner and readily become powerful tools for healing past and present stresses, and effective coping strategies for healing past and present stresses, and effective coping strategies for those that inevitably lie ahead.”  – Amy G. Love, MD

“Emotional Smarts provides techniques for stress relief in a fun and easy-to-learn format.  It is like having a wise, compassionate and no-nonsense coach at your side for guidance with stress, fears and interpersonal predicaments.  Psychotherapists as well as laypersons alike will find the book enriching and enlightening.” – Betsy Fernback, PsyD. DCEP

Stress is at epidemic levels and contributes to illness. It is experienced through thoughts, emotions and physical discomfort.  There are 60 or more options in this book so everyone can develop a stress management plan; which includes competent communication and conflict skills.   All are critical to counter the damage of stress unchecked.  Additionally, there are specific chapters on getting through grief, anger, family and work problems.  The book has two chapters on anxiety; one about  general and another specifically addressing those crippling phobias of test taking, flying and public speaking.   This comprehensive book begins with “tried and true” standard techniques while later chapters venture into the author’s expertise of the newer mind-body techniques of the Emotional Freedom Techniques, aka Tapping. 

The book is currently available on as a paperback for $16.99, and Kindle for $12.99. To learn more about the book or to purchase the book, please visit:

About Robin Bilazarian

 Robin Bilazarian, LCSW, DCSW, DCEP’s passion, as exemplified in this book, is to bring standard and cutting-edge therapy skills to everyone, regardless of background. These life-changing skills belong in everyone’s coping toolbox. Having the unique position of having a strong background in both mental health functioning and Employee Assistance Programs – she speaks to complex individual, family and work problems and solutions.

She is a brief therapy expert. She specializes in the treatment of anxiety, stress, crisis intervention, phobias, grief, communication problems, anger, and depression; treating these individually and through workshops.

Well qualified to do this, she has many credentials including Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Diplomate in Clinical Social Work, and Diplomate in Clinical Energy Psychology. She is a graduate of the UNC-Chapel Hill and University of Pennsylvania Schools of Social Work with thirty years’ experience counseling all aspects of mental health and Employee Assistance Program counseling.  She even conquered her own generalized anxiety and public speaking phobia to now lecture nationally. 

Robin can be reached at or (856) 231-0833.

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