TopjoyOnline Launches New Trail Cameras

Action camera developers, Topjoy are guided by their thirst for creating innovative, latest technologies and thus want to make life easier for their users in this modern world. The company recently announced the launch of two new trail cameras, the Topjoyonline T01 and Topjoyonline T02.

Topjoy enlisted the assistance of wildlife photography experts for the development of the new range of cameras, to ensure that the end products provided excellent performance, durability and reliability, which superior game cameras require.

  • Topjoyonline T02: This camera is Topjoy’s latest offering, the 720p HD camera has been specially designed to capture wildlife and has a 5mp Dynamic capture that can easily take a picture from a long distance and features a fantastic LED night vision with long ranged infrared. The camera is highly sensitive for motion detection. Furthermore, the trigger timing of the trail cam is 0.6 seconds and the distance is 20M. The TO2 has an impressive standby time of 20M and an IP66 underwater.
  • Topjoyonline T01: The T01 offers similar features as T02, with the exception of the trigger timing which is comparatively lower at 0.2 seconds and the distance is 20M. The lens is 120 degrees and the standby time is 8m.IP65 underwater.

“We are aware that customers may have the much better trail camera options currently available to them, but we wanted our newest range of Trail Cameras the best in their price range. We have consulted with our action camera customers, they also agree people would buy an HD trail camera if with good price.” – said Steven, CEO of Topjoy.

The cameras have been specially designed after keeping the needs of their users in mind, Topjoy’s aim was to make equipment that is easier to carry for wildlife photography, which is actually not an easy task to do. The highly-sensitive motion detection feature helps to capture the picture quickly even at night time. Due to the night vision feature of the wildlife cameras, a picture can be captured in dimly lit areas.

The Topjoy first priority is to bring the latest technology in user’s hand in the most convenient way and for the most affordable prices.


Topjoyonline is a brand of Topjoy whose factory locates in China and mainly manufactures action camera, table, and 2in1 laptop. With a business model is built on progress and a history of innovation starting with the tablet, the company manufactures high-quality and low-cost action camera, table, and 2in1 laptop worldwide. Topjoy is headquartered in Hong Kong with sub-company Shenzhen Sky world Technology located in Shenzhen.

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