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They are light weight, comfortable, reusable and 100% handmade.
We have created false eyelashes to be light weight and easy to apply. They are reusable, comfortable and blend with your own eyelashes. They are 100% handmade plus displayed in a good looking package for your customers.

Ohholash LLC founder began her career as a hair stylist and make-up artist over 16 years ago. She had the privilege of working at a modest salon with some of her close friends. The idea for her false eyelash trade came from working different events such as proms, parties, weddings and many other celebrations.

The creator of Ohholash LLC found herself working the type of occasions that always required a little more glam to the looks. Anytime she was working on a client, they would always ask her “how do I pick the right false eyelashes for me?” “How do I know what is the best style for my face?” More importantly, “how do I know what is a good brand to choose from?” Everyone’s eyes are shaped differently, and no two people have the same eyes.

For example, people who have smaller eyes need to have a longer tip at the end with a deep curl. The curl will allow the eyes to open up and give the effect of having “big eyes.” Those that do have bigger eyes need to stick to a smaller false eyelash. Furthermore, this was when she fell in love with the science behind false eyelashes. To make her customers feel more confident, she decided to create her own line of false eyelashes.

Ohholash LLC differs from other brands. They carry two main lines:

1. Synthetic Fur. They are darker, with a deep curl, lightweight, and reusable up to five times (if removed properly) and blend with the natural eyelashes easily. With a price that is affordable for everyone.

2. 100% Real Mink. Which are the queen of eyelashes, and blend extremely well with natural eyelashes. These are reusable up to 25 times. They come in a beautiful case and are part of the high-end collection.

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