New LivingWill App Enables Users to Produce a Comprehensive and Current Will

It is all too common for surviving family members to bicker and argue over the property of a deceased relative because they failed to leave a will or the will they created was outdated and inaccurate.  This needless confusion and fighting can be avoided if more people would create and update wills and advanced directives.  In order to facilitate this critical legal process, a team of experienced web developers have initiated the LivingWill app project. With this new app, users could save thousands in legal fees for creating and maintaining a will.

The LivingWill app will store key information about the user and their estate and help them create the necessary estate documents that will govern an efficient bequeathal of assets to others.  Not only will LivingWill help in property distribution, but this app will also serve to notify medical practitioners what their wishes are if they become incapacitated.

The team that is working on the LivingWill app are proven IT, legal and marketing specialists. They are currently collecting the relevant laws for each state and region while engineering a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing web-based application.  Much of this work has already been completed and project completion is not in doubt, but the LivingWill development team is seeking additional funding to enlarge their production team and expedite the schedule.

The LivingWill team has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to secure an additional $125,000.  For supporters of this important project, there will a number of valuable perks including app licenses for a number of years and family sizes.  To learn more about the LivingWill app or to make a financial contribution, please visit

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