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Rise In Popularity of Face Painting Is Not A Fad. It’s been Around for Centuries! Says Bo Buggles

You do not have to look far these days to see a child play acting as a jungle character or their favorite superhero. When you go to the ball game or are a regular sports fan then, young or older, the badge of honour of your team these days is not just written on your vest or cap, but underlined in bright colors on your face.

Face painting seems to be here to stay but as manufacturer Bo Buggles explains, it has really never been away and has been around for as long as man had the ability to communicate and express themselves.

A spokesperson for Bo Buggles explained, “Face painting is as old as man himself. I think we are just seeing a rediscovery of the reasons it became so widely used in days gone by. It was used in celebrations going back thousands of years but also became used for camouflage in the hunting rituals. Later, it became a signifier of position and rank within the community. Today we see that these same premises being used in the form of team supporter, birthdays and celebration parties and also by the modern day hunters still using face painting as camouflage when they go shooting.

So you can see that the traditions haven’t really changed. This gives parents a great opportunity to use face paints not only as a creative outlet for children but also a chance to use the face painting exercise as an educational tool to teach children about history or the natural world. We think that this dual purpose is why face painting has become so popular and will be here for years to come.”

Bo Buggles manufacture and distribute the Face Painting Kit for Kids Ultimate Party Pack. The pack contains eight primary color palettes of 4g each along with two additional glitter palettes. The party pack also contains two brushes, one large, one small for finer detailing and two sponges.

The spokesperson continued, “We designed the pack so that it would cover all the color combinations you could think of and enough paint so that you don’t have to worry about running out at a party event. The great thing is that whether you use it for a party or throughout the year, the versatility of the pack allows you to have it to hand for a small weekend gathering, Friday night lights or as an educational tool to enhance something a child might be doing in class. The variety of uses is limited only by the imagination.”

The Bo Buggles Face Painting Kit for Boys & Girls Ultimate Party Pack is available to purchase exclusively on Amazon USA.  During the products extended launch period, it may be possible to purchase at a special launch price discount.

Bo Buggles are manufacturers and distributors of The Ultimate Face Painting Kit For Kids Party Pack available exclusively on For further information about their face paint kit please go to their website at

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