Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® Highlight How HR in Flow Transforms HR and L&D Within Companies

Company CEO and Chief Operating Officer Discuss How HR in Flow is helping businesses navigate transformation.
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Los Angeles, CA – April 7, 2016 —  HR in Flow, a company transforming HR and L&D from the inside out, is featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® in an exclusive interview.

During the story, Kathy Ireland interviewed Chief Operating Officer Sheila Bennett and CEO Neville Pritchard. 

Sheila Bennett began the segment by discussing some of the challenges organizations face as they undergo transformations within their business. She said, “We hear everywhere that change is constant. Transformation is not an event. It is a state of mind that organizations must be in to be successful today and their employees are getting burned out.”

Neville Pritchard continued the discussion by talking about how HR in Flow transforms businesses by assisting them with navigating through these challenges. He said, “Initially, we really try to understand the business. We get inside the business and we start with HR and make the HR flow first. That is where we get our name. The key to that is understanding what Human Resources are doing in the context of that unique business.”

The Vice President of Programming for Worldwide Business with kathy Ireland®, JL Haber was quoted stating, “At Worldwide Business, we like to focus on companies that are making a difference in the business world. HR in Flow is making sure the HR side of the business is working properly and ensuring that the overall business runs well. This helps keeps employees happy as well as the company as a whole when it comes to HR functions and other aspects of the business.”

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