Ysmart Design Release Hi-Tech Stationery Set From The Future On Kickstarter

East London Start up – Ysmart solution’s new concept promises tomorrow’s stationery today. The unique set of 5 in 1 multi-functional folder, all weather journal and planner are perfect for anyone who simply wants an easier life. For details visit http://kck.st/1MzCmWD

Perfect for Clandestine Missions (…and really good for other creative uses.)

“Bringing stationery from the future today wasn’t easy,” said Kelly, one of the directors of the new start up. “ We spent months in prototyping, and one of our founders spent so long away from home that their daughter didn’t recognise him when he returned. The end result though is stunning. The all weather journal is 100% water proof and nearly indestructible and the mult-functional folds out into a mini photo-studio and smart phone scanner.”

The products were designed to help those who run small businesses and creative types who need to be organized, but don’t want to carry the world around with them. 

The Ysmart solution, as the set is being called, is the perfect solution for makers, entrepreneurs and any one who likes to work on the move. The Foldaway photo-studio even comes with 3 interchangeable backdrops and LED lighting and the waterproof journal not only opens completely flat, but can be written on in most kinds of pen and pencil and is 100% erasable, and if you use Frixion Pilot Pen the journal and planner can be erased by using a hairdryer under few seconds.

Key Features:

5 in 1 Multi-functional Folder

• Portable photo-studio with attachable lighting and backdrops.
• Easy to use, two simple folds and you’re ready for your close up.
• Integrated Smart two way tracker in case you leave your folder behind…or your phone. Great for folks prone to losing stuff
• Portable document scanner designed for quick use. Perfect for secret dossiers and other office paperwork
• Built-in next-gen NFC chips for unlimited smart functionality. Automate your folder in any number of ways. 

All Weather Journal & Planner

• Opens Flat for hands free operation
• Nearly indestructible
• Eco Friendly Stone Paper – No trees were harmed in the production.
• Reusable and sustainable
• Completely Erasable and leaves no marks, Works with almost any pen or pencil
• Waterproof
• Won’t yellow or warp

For more information go to http://ysmartdesign.com/

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Company Name: Ysmart Design
Contact Person: Judith Jia
Email: info@ysmartdesign.com
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://kck.st/1MzCmWD