MullerMoo Reveals the Reasons behind Choosing Spray Drying for Manufacturing Baby Food Products

While different countries have their own sets of regulations pertaining to expiry dates on baby food products, a baby food product brand recently revealed the secrets of their manufacturing process before the launch of their product, Melli-Cow 12M+ toddler milk.

MullerMoo, a reputable brand of baby products, is all set to launch their much awaited baby food product, Melli-Cow 12M+ toddler milk. However, the owners of the UK based company recently met at a press club to explain the manufacturing process, especially the spray drying process, which helps in sterilizing and packaging skimmed milk in 24 hours, or at least so did they claim. The owners added that compared to dry blending, wet blending or spray drying is as more effective process.

The Kendal, UK based baby food manufacturer is committed to staying in compliance with the specific rules and regulations for formula milk packaging and storage in different countries. While dry blending is often used by many baby food manufacturers, they chose to integrate wet blending into the manufacturing process. The plan supervisors explained the reason for choosing wet blending.


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MullerMoo is an European baby food brand for  toddlers.

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