Chinese Peacekeeping Guards in Mali Install Convoy Protection Jammer for the First Time to Protect Their Convoy from Remote Control Bombs

According to Xinhua news agency, Chinese Peacekeeping Guards in the city of Gao, northern Mali install domestic IED Jammer for the command cars for the first time to jam remote-controlled signal within 100 meters

Chinese peacekeeping guards are doing excellent works to establish peace and security in Mali by foiling any terrorist attempt to create terror and chaos in the region. Besides maintaining peace and protecting the general public from the vicious acts of bomb blasts etc., the peacekeeping force also faces the challenge of protecting their convoy from remotely controlled bomb blasts.

 Chinese Peacekeeping Guards in Mali Install Convoy Protection Jammer for the First Time to Protect Their Convoy from Remote Control Bombs

The Xinhua news agency reports that Chinese Peacekeeping Guards have for the first time installed the Bomb jammer in Gao, northern Mali to shield bomb attacking signals to trigger any blast. The smart jamming system procured from the C.T.S Technology helps protect the convoy from unfortunate roadside bomb blasts that can be triggered from the remote locations. Locating such bombs often becomes difficult and jamming the signals is a reliable way to prevent the bomb explosion and safeguard the patrolling vehicles.

According to the New Agency, the Convoy Protection Jammer can effectively neutralize the remote-controlled signal in the range of 100 meters in diameter and prevents terrorists from setting up a bomb and triggering a blast. Amidst the growing incidences of rocket attacks and roadside bomb attacks in Mali, the importance of bomb jamming equipment has become even more pertinent. With the CTS jammers, Chinese Peacekeeping Guards can now protect their command cars and the motorcade from terrorist attacks.

Peacekeeping force commander Tian Wei said, with the jamming devices, they can now protect their troop and can carry out several kinds of peacekeeping tasks in Mali, including repairing of roads and bridges, offering medical aid to the wounded, evacuation of the public from a disturbed area, etc.  The IED Jammer offered by the C.T.S Technology can block the signals operating over specific bands and can foil the roadside bomb attacks. Terrorists often detonate roadside bombs using radio signals transmitted through mobile phones or infrared devices and target security personnel from a significant distance.

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