CRISPR Market Forecast to 2021 with Global Trends, Opportunities, Segmentation and Companies Profiled

“Global CRISPR Market, By Country (United States, Canada, India, China, Japan, United Kingdom), Company Profiles, Share, Trends, Analysis, Opportunities, Segmentation And Forecast 2015 – 2021”
Global CRISPR Market includes Historical data, Revenue forecasts, growth rates and CAGR up to 2021, Industry Analysis, Competitive Analysis and Key geographic growth data.

The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 43% from 2015 to 2021. This is driven by the fact that CRISPR is a new technology which is simple, more efficient and cost effective as compared to its peers. High adoption both in biotech and pharma industry along with high level of research is also responsible for high growth rate. Companies profiled in this research report are Thermo Fisher Scientific, Editas Medicine, Caribou Biosciences, CRISPR therapeutics, Intellia, Cellectis, Horizon discovery PLC, Sigma Aldrich, Precision biosciences, GenScript, Sangamo Biosciences Inc., Lonza group limited, Integrated DNA technologies, New England Biolabs, Oregene Technologies, and Transposgen Biopharmaceuticals.

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Clustered regularly-interspaced short palindromic repeats also known as CRISPR is a gene editing tool. CRIPSR commercialization began in 2012 with emergence of number of startups and venture capitalists and showing their interest in infusing money into this technology. Academic and research firms are the main consumers of CRISPR gene editing tool followed by biotechnology companies. The number of patents for CRISPR is outclassing the patents of other gene editing tools such as ZFN and TALEN. The market is driven by high demand for plasmids, synthetic genes and high quality gene slicing techniques. Growing drug discovery, biotechnology and proteomics markets are also driving the market growth.

The market for CRISPR technology is niche. The number of companies are still very less and most of the companies are start-ups which are going through rounds of funding. Some of the major companies include Editas, Intellia, Sigma Eldrich, Oregene, Gene Script, Thermo Fisher Scientific and others. Most of the companies are working on developing CRISPR products along with the approval and commercialization of such products. These companies have successfully attracted major investments from big VC firms and companies such as Google and DuPont. These companies are relying on the disruptive nature of the technology. CRISPR has the capability to open new markets for gene surgery and genetically modified organisms. However, there are major concerns from the scientific community regarding the misuse of such technology in human cloning. Geographically North America leads the market race followed by Europe and Asia Pacific.

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List of Tables

1. Global CRISPR Market by Application 2014-2021 ($ million)

2. Global Genome Editing Market by region 2014-2021 ($ million)

3. Global Gene Library Market by region 2014-2021 ($ miilion)

4. Global CRISPR Plasmids Market by region 2014-2021 ($ million)

5. Global CRISPR Market by end user 2014-2021 ($ million)

6. Global CRISPR Market by Biotechnology companies 2014-2021 ($ million)

7. Global CRISPR Market by Pharmaceutical companies 2014-2021 ($ million)

8. Global CRISPR Market by academic institutes 2014-2021 ($ million)

9. Global CRISPR Market by r&d institutes 2014-2021 ($ million)

10. Global CRISPR Market by region 2014-2021 ($ million)

11. North American CRISPR Market 2014-2021 ($ million)

12. European CRISPR Market 2014-2021 ($ million)

13. Asia paicifc CRISPR Market 2014-2021 ($ million)

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