Airwheel S8 two wheel electric walkcar: follow inner voice.

Abstract: Occasionally, people will complain how bad their life is. The environment becomes worse, the city becomes more crowded and the pressure becomes much bigger. So people always say no perfect life. However, is this true now? It may not. At least, the intelligent technology won’t agree this in current society.

With the appearance of Big Data, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and human-computer interaction, a new generation of technology and services is gradually changing our lives, and Airwheel S8 electric walkcar is one of them.

The new gadget, S8 sitting-posture scooter, developed by Airwheel, has an exquisite and cleverish appearance. Both boys and girls can easily control it. The most interesting place is that S8 can understand the orders issued by human’s body. When riders use their body to give a sign for moving forward, it will follow the order and move forward; while when the body hints to backward, it will move backward; it also can stop, accelerate and decelerate.

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Thanks to the self-balancing system, S8 double-wheels electric scooter can drive the motor to complete the corresponding operations according to the gravity of the body. The whole system is very fast in response. That is why S8 can follow the orders of riders’ body.

In fact, S8 intelligent power scooter has two main innovations. First of all, it expands the design of seat and changes the one riding posture into two. Riders can choose to sit on the scooter which is a great comfort. This point is also based on the design of S6 saddle-equipped electric scooter. This innovation greatly improves the comfort level of riding.
electric scooter with seat
Another one is the control lever. So far, the intelligent electric scooters we can see in current market generally adopt the straight control lever while S8 electric scooter with seat adopts the C-shape design. The streamlined appearance of the control lever looks very elegant. It seems that Airwheel S8 becomes more graceful and decent. As an intelligent electric scooter that can satisfy people’s daily commuting need and press close to the real life, S8 implies Airwheel is fulfilling its vision of making people’s dream come true through intelligent devices. Following your inner voice, Airwheel S8 is best in class.

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