Patients Keep On Smiling Thanks To The Townsville Dental Centre’s High-Tech Dentistry Technology

Idalia, Australia – At some stage, most Australians will need some dental work. Lifestyle choices and hereditary factors will influence the things that need to get corrected. Most people aren’t too thrilled about the prospect of visiting a dentist. But, one dental centre in Queensland aims to change the way patients think of visits to the dentist!

The Townsville Dental Centre has one aim in mind: to help people keep on smiling. And that’s something they have managed to achieve, thanks to their high-tech dentistry technology. In fact, their patients have changed their perceptions of the industry.

A visit to their website at reveals something interesting. Patients can learn about the equipment dentists at the practice use each day. The founder of the practice, Dr. Himakshu Vyas, says it inspires more consumer confidence.

Patients want to get informed on what a trip to the dentist is likely to entail. He says patients feel at ease knowing that the dental centre only uses modern technology. Some of the equipment his practice boasts include:

Intra-oral cameras

A revolution in dentistry technology, intra-oral cameras are useful for both patients and dentists. They offer crisp and clear digital imagery of a patient’s mouth and teeth. The cameras used by The Townsville Dental Centre are known for their clarity and high quality.

Intra-oral cameras aren’t a new invention in the industry. But, few dental centres use the latest models such as the ones in Dr. Vyas’ practice.

Digital X-Rays

Dental patients are familiar with x-ray technology. It gets used by hospitals and other medical facilities. They are also typical equipment one can find in a dental practice. Cutting-edge digital x-ray technology offers instant results and minimal radiation exposure to patients.

CarieScan Pro

A unique innovation from the UK, the dental centre invested in the CarieScan Pro tool. It offers a mind-blowing accuracy rate of 98.4% when used for detecting tooth decay or caries. The CarieScan is a tool that lets dentists provide a quick diagnosis. It also offers a more pleasant examination experience for patients.

Leica M320 F12 Dental Microscope

When it comes to examining teeth, dentists will also have microscopes at their disposal. The Leica M320 F12 is a state of the art microscope that dental staff at The Townsville Dental Centre use. It lets Dr. Vyas and his team get a clear view of each patient’s teeth. The result is examinations and dental procedures can get done quicker.

About The Townsville Dental Centre

Founded by Dr. Himakshu Vyas, the dental centre is a paragon of dental excellence. Using only modern technology, the practice has become a welcome addition to the area. The practice boasts several skilled and qualified dental staff. Plus, it offers a variety of treatments and payment plans.

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