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12 Apr, 2016 – specializes in providing professional legal services as, the veteran and well known criminal defense attorney, Raquel Ruano who has defended many clients living across the Massachusetts region, heads it. This law firm has dealt with  thousands of cases related to DUI, drugs, firearms and much more. No matter whether people are residing in Lawrence, Boston or other such municipalities, Raquel can take care of the legal proceedings on behalf of them.

When you visit the site at you will know that this law firm specializes in areas such as drunk driving, personal injury, drug crimes, police misconduct, property crimes and police misconduct. Sometimes, people might face drunk driving charges when they are driving home after a get together, a party or formal meeting. However, it is important for them to avail the services of a reputed attorney like Raquel D. Ruano who has dealt with numerous DWI, DUI, OUI and drunk and drive cases in and around Massachusetts area. Being a well accomplished attorney, she makes sure that matters which includes field sobriety tests, sobriety checkpoints, roadblocks, blood alcohol content, breath tests, blood tests, license suspensions, impairment, citations, intoxication, accidents and motor vehicle operation. Drunk driving is a serious offense in Massachusetts region and the penalty is decided based on whether it is a first time offense or a subsequent one. Apart from paying fines, serving jail terms and programmes which are mandatory, one might also lose their driving license permanently. Therefore it requires the service of professional Essex county criminal lawyers Massachusetts like Raquel Ruano who has a better understanding about the drunk driving laws of this region and can save your legal rights. According to the url at Raquel can serve you with legal assistance if you are living in Lawrence, Boston or other such municipalities.

Raquel Ruano and her law firm offer courtroom defense for those who face charges with felony drug case in and around Massachusetts region. They also provide vigorous defense against the charges people face such as Conspiracy to violate drug laws, Drug trafficking, Drug possession, Drug smuggling, Drug manufacturing, Distribution of controlled substances and abuse of prescription drugs Oxycontin, Percocet, Xanax, steroids, and much more. This Massachusetts criminal defense attorney has dealt with several criminal cases and has many years of expertise as she has worked along with many witnesses and investigators along the Eastern Massachusetts area. She knows everything about evidence examination and the areas that lead to violation of potential constitutional laws that can lead to an arrest such as seizure of evidence or illegal search and can help people as much as she can. 

About is a criminal defense law firm under the able leadership of experienced attorney, Raquel D. Ruano, who holds impressive courtroom experience. This law firm primarily aims at helping people in and around Massachusetts region come out of civil litigation cases and criminal cases with their extensive years of experience in different practice areas.

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