GED Easy helps students pay for the GED Test

GED Easy launches a GED Scholarship and offers financial support for students who can’t pay the GED test registration fee. The GED test was renewed in 2014 and the price of the exam increased to $120.

Many students contacted us through our website and social media asking for help with paying for the tests, says Darren Johnson, GED Easy CEO.

GED Easy is proud to provide educational and financial support for people who want to advance their education by taking the GED test to earn their high school equivalency diploma. “Our scholarship is unique in that it focuses on helping students discover their strong points and connecting their strong points to interesting professions that are in high demand. Having a GED diploma will definitely result in better job options and better earnings,” continues Darren.

This scholarship demonstrates GED Easy’s strong commitment to people who understand the value of education. GED Easy provides also free online GED preparation and practice tests.

Education experts believe the lack of a high school degree often jeopardizes students’ ability to compete in an already-tough job market. High school graduates are more likely to be employed, make higher taxable incomes, and secure better jobs than those without a high school diploma.

The GED diploma is equivalent to a high school diploma, but for many people the price of the test is a real obstacle. There are states that subsidize the GED test, but in most states the test cost $120 or more. Therefore, GED Easy decided to pay the GED exam fee for students who are willing to take time and prepare online for the GED exam.

Dropout Crisis Facts

  • America loses about one out of five young people to the dropout crisis each year.
  • If just 1,000 dropouts from 2010 in each state and the District of Columbia had graduated from high school, these 51,000 graduates combined would: earn $554 million in additional earnings in an average year.
  • They would spend an additional $57 million each year purchasing vehicles and, by the time they reach the midpoint of their careers, buy homes worth $1.4 billion more than what they would likely have spent without a diploma.

About GED Easy

GED Easy offers free GED instruction in the form of video lessons, new GED practice tests, and learning tips. In January 2016, GED Easy launched the GED Challenge and gives students a free Kindle Fire if they earn their GED within 150 days.

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