E Cig Reviews Releases Their Best Of 2014 Countdown With The Newest E Cig Products

E Cig Reviews
E Cig Reviews has published a countdown of its best-reviewed and top-rated products enabling consumers to see at a glance which are the best investments for e-cigarette enthusiasts.

E Cigarettes have become ever-more popular in today’s society, thanks to a combination of better scientific understanding of the dangers of traditional combustible cigarettes and social stigmas arising around those who smoke, most notably public smoking bans now becoming commonplace around the world. As a result, more people than ever are switching to e-cigs and looking for the best purchases. E Cig Reviews provides independent and insightful reviews of e-cigarette products, and has now collated its best reviewed products of 2014 into a countdown for easy cross comparison.

The countdown (http://e-cigreviews.org.uk/) includes top brands like GreenSmoke, Cigees and JacVapour, and has an at-a-glance star rating ranking comparison that allows people to see in no time at all what products E Cig Reviews gives their strongest recommendation to. The table also includes the price of a starter kit from each manufacturer, a link to the full and comprehensive review, and a link to the site where users can purchase the products.

The countdown is a culmination of the last seven months of product releases (http://e-cigreviews.org.uk/electronic-cigarette-review/), which have seen the technology advance considerably in a short space of time as consumer demand drives increased competition. The site also includes coupons for many of its top rated products to help consumers save even more on purchases. 

A spokesperson for E Cig Reviews explained, “We have created the countdown because we understand that when individuals are searching for product reviews online their time is at a premium, and they want to see the best products and compare maybe the top two or three before making a decision. With this countdown we can help people make the right choice in seconds, or they can pore over the detailed reviews to see which features they value most are best represented by the top contenders and then make an informed decision.”

About E Cig Reviews: E-Cig reviews is one of the leading E-Cigarette review sites in the UK. Their reviews are based on the writers’ own experiences and tests. On the site, users can find top products with detailed reviews, as well as find useful information related to e-cigs and even discount coupons to help consumers save money on their purchases. For more information please visit: http://e-cigreviews.org.uk/

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