“Psychiatry: A Questionable Medical Practice” Offers an Unflinching Look at the Inhumane Techniques that Psychiatry has Used in Years Past

For centuries, physicians have used barbaric procedures to “treat” their mentally ill patients. From electroshock therapy, ice baths, and the lobotomy, psychiatrists often used extreme, unproven therapies on patients in the wild hope that it might snap them back to “reality”. Or was it merely to satisfy some internal sadistic desire they acquired thus making them mentally ill in a far greater capacity. In addition to the daily torture, the conditions inside most of these facilities were unsanitary, under staffed, and extremely over populated. This could have only intensified the patients with a true mental illness.

A new documentary film, “Psychiatry: A Questionable Medical Practice” provides a candid examination of the quack therapies that psychiatric practitioners used in the past—and continue to do so in some parts of the world. This film from Hollywood veterans Jason Stoddard and J.D. Hart also features the acting talent of acclaimed actor Leslie Easterbrook and Kane Hodder as they will bring these dark times to life providing a startling look at a harsh reality.

“Psychiatry: A Questionable Medical Practice” uses footage from actual psychiatric facilities from 1900s to the 1970s, some of which is so graphic that it will etch the unsettling images permanently into the minds of viewers. There will also be interviews with medical professionals who witnessed these treatments. Jason Stoddard will also be going undercover as a patient in one of the most notorious psychiatric facilities for 60 days.

We are set out to enlighten generations that have been kept in the dark due to the industry’s capabilities to brush their terrible past and present under a giant government rug. It is time the victims from the past and present have a chance to be heard in hopes to create a positive change for a grim industry powered by nothing but greed.

While this new documentary is sure to be a hit, it needs funding to launch production. To secure the needed $15,000, the production team has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. In return for your generous support, you can receive perks like T-shirts, posters, movie credits, film downloads, DVDs, hoodies, visit to a historic asylum, or Executive Producer credit.

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