Justine hats.com offers fashionable hand crafted hats for women with classic designs

14 Apr, 2016 – Justine Hats, a popular millinery label designed by Yael Cohen provides wide range of elegant looking hats for women to reflect the taste and personality of the modern fashionista. Justine Hats specializes in creating hats with unique design which are a fine specimen of the blend of design, fashionand art. In short these hats have a modern twist and a classic design. As the hats have dramatic design, people across the world choose them to go well with their attire.

The major reason that makes Justine Hats, a class apart than the rest is that these fine products are making hats. It is true that people who love to flaunt their fashion sense by wearing hats are considered to be elf confident as it helps them portray their individuality. According to Yael Cohen, the owner of Justine Hats, “the hats that I design have a three dimensional sculpted look which help in defining and characterizing the people’s identity who wear them.” This explains why the hats offered by Justine Hats are a must have item in every wardrobe.

By clicking the link at www.justinehats.com, one will find that this hat studio is based in Tel Mond. Justine Hats studio produces and designs hats suitable for both summer and winter season to cater to the requirements of global users. Each year, the hat studio introduces winter and summer collections under attractive names like Body and Soul and Wings of Desire. Apart from designing beautiful hats with an edgy look, Cohen also teaches the art of heat making to students using traditional materials such as sinamay, straw and wool felt.

Justine Hats also makes sure that men are not left behind as they have stylish looking hats made of fur and cotton felt and straw fedora hats to flaunt their macho side. Women will have a good time while shopping at the site of Justine hats as they can choose from a wide range of felt hat, fedora hat, cocktail hat and much more in desired shades using the colour palette found in the site. It also provides detailed information about the materials of the hat, how to wear it, how the packaging of the hat would be during transportation, complementary gifts like hat brush if any and the unique feature of the hat. This would help the buyer to choose a perfect hat wisely based on their preferences.

About Justine Hats:

Yael Cohen offers impressively hand crafted hats through Justine Hats studio based in Tel Mond. The hats of this studio are sold in selective boutiques across the globe and are a fine example of stunning craftsmanship. The design concept of each hat incorporates all essential values such as intelligence, originality, fun, cheeky and simplicity to complement the fashion needs of wearer of all ages. Justine Hats maintains a huge portfolio of hats with evergreen fashion and design in wide range of colour to make hat shopping a wonderful experience for all. 

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