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With an aim to deliver supreme customer service, LensesOnline.co.nz proclaims overnight delivery of contact lenses for all customers.

Stanmore Bay, Auckland – April 15, 2016 – LensesOnline.co.nz, the leading online store for high quality contact lenses and eyewear has deployed overnight delivery of contact lens orders. Overnight delivery is offered for lenses of leading brands including Softlens, Purevision, Biotrue and more. This will be useful for those who are in urgent need of contact lenses, according to the company.

LensesOnline.co.nz provides the most convenient and affordable way to own contact lenses online in NZ. Their products are offered at fairly low prices along with faster delivery times throughout New Zealand. LensesOnline.co.nz (owned by HB Orewa Ltd) was set up in 2006 by two New Zealand eye care professionals to provide contact lenses at competitive rates.

A spokesperson said, “This would be a major breakthrough in e-commerce business. We are proud to offer overnight delivery service purely based on customer interests and feedback. We are thrilled to bring this innovative strategy in business, which was once deemed impossible. From time to time we will be introducing new website features and as new lens products become available we will keep you informed through our newsletter.”

The firm has been well acclaimed for offering a wide range of contact lenses in NZ from popular brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Bausch & Lomb, Alcon Ciba and many more at delightful prices. Daily, fortnightly, monthly, multi focal and coloured contact lens variants are available for purchase from their store.

“We realise that the health benefits of  replacing your contact lenses as recommended by your eye care professional can sometimes be overshadowed by the cost, however it is important to strictly adhere to your frequent replacement schedule in order to avoid problems later on. We are committed to providing the most affordable and convenient service available,” continued the spokesperson.

Apart from their overnight delivery service, the firm has been already offering free delivery service for urban orders over $100 & for rural orders over $200. With a variety of contact lenses having varied usage periods, they offer customers the flexibility of buying the right kind of lens, to either use it as a fashion accessory or as a prescription eyewear.

Speaking of the most demanded one day contact lens, the spokesperson explained, “Daily, one day or disposable contact lenses have a number of benefits which means more people than ever can wear contacts that are far more comfortable than ever before. When wearing contact lenses to correct your vision you need to choose the correct lenses and to do this you need to work out what it is you want from one day lenses. One day lenses do not need cleaning and as many of you will agree that is a huge benefit. There is no need to clean and store your contact lenses at the end of the day. With one day lenses, when you are finished with them you just throw them away, there is no need to buy contact lens cleaning products.”

The firm also asserted that proper contact lens hygiene methods need to be followed by all lens wearers. Despite the company supplying highest quality and safe products, an individual’s proper hygienic habits is what counts to have one’s eyes remain safe and free from infections.

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LensesOnline.co.nz is a leading online firm offering affordable contact lens and eyewear products that meet highest standards of quality. They offer exceptional customer service and assistance for customer’s needs.

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