Local Security Company Advises: Taking The Next Step in Home Security

West Hartford, CT – Home security is important no matter where you live, and a break-in can happen at any time. Even homes with top of the line security systems may still be at risk. Mammoth Surveillance provides top of the line security cameras to not only monitor a home, but to catch a thief in the act. Armed with state of the art HD and even thermal cameras, you can easily give your security system a boost and get the peace of mind you deserve, even when you aren’t home.

“A burglary is a difficult thing to go through,” explains John, the spokesperson at Mammoth. “Residents of a home that has been broken into not only risk losing their possessions, but their peace of mind as well. It’s difficult to return to a place where a crime has been committed, especially if that place is your own home. But with security cameras installed, you can take the proper measures to avoid a break-in before it ever happens.”

Most residents make sure to lock up their homes and set their alarms (if they have them) before walking out the door. Having left your home safe and security, it is quite a shock to return and find that things are not as you left them. That’s where surveillance cameras come in. With security camera equipment from Mammoth Surveillance Camera Systems, clients can check in on their homes from anywhere using their smartphones. And with Mammoth’s DVR and NVR systems, camera footage can be saved for later viewing, or as evidence in court, in the event that a burglary takes place.

“We live near the West Hartford area and our neighborhood had been experiencing a string of robberies,” explains Gina Locke, a recent client with Mammoth Surveillance. “The people at Mammoth Surveillance helped guide us through the purchasing process, as we had very little idea what we might need for our home. Within a week I was able to check in our home from out of town, using the app on my tablet. I feel a lot safer just knowing that the cameras are there when we’re not.”

With the HD cameras offered by Mammoth Surveillance, clients are able to see much clearer footage and for greater lengths than ever before, allowing them a greater chance at identifying a threat even before it happens. Mammoth Surveillance provides cameras for a wide array of clients with a vast array of specific needs, so each system is tailored to the client. With optional audio and remote access to live stream and adjust your cameras, Mammoth provides peace of mind with every purchase. 

About The Company:

Mammoth Surveillance Camera Systems of West Hartford is located at 485 New Park Ave, West Hartford, CT 06110 and can be reached by calling (860) 800-6681 or by visiting their West Hartford Google+ page.

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