New Real Estate Crowdfunding eBook Sheds Light on Growing Industry

Brooklyn, New York – On March 31st, a new Amazon ebook was launched entitled “Real Estate Crowdfunding Explained: How to get in on the explosive growth of the real estate crowdfunding industry.”

Written by Salvador Briggman, the founder of the popular blog CrowdCrux, the publication has already received several positive reviews from critics and experts in the industry. 

“An amazing overview of a complicated new industry, this is a perfect resource for anyone looking to explore the opportunities within real estate crowdfunding. Not only does this cover the essentials, but it drills down the specifics of the JOBS Act and how the regulations are evolving. A must read for potential sponsors AND investors.” – Amazon customer. 

The real estate crowdfunding industry has gained more and more traction in the last several years, with several industry leaders emerging. Patch of Land, a REC platform, has originated over $100 million in short-term loans to “purchase, rehabilitate and refinance undervalued residential and commercial properties.” They have also returned over $25 million to investors in the form of principle and interest.

Realty Mogul, another REC platform, has over 70,000 members and is nearing the $200 million milestone. The site has also returned $20 million in principal and interest returned to its investors. Finally, Sharestates recently announced that it has passed the $100 million mark in terms of capital raised on its platform and has returned $16 million to its investors.

With new tech startup raising money to pursue dominace in the real estate crowdfunding marketplace, it’s clear that this sector is only going to continue to grow in the coming years. 

“For someone without prior knowledge of the real estate industry or crowdfunding, this book does a really good job breaking down the concepts. I now feel like I have a more in-depth understanding of the two. I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in that!” – Amazon customer. 

For more information about Real Estate Crowdfunding explained, you can visit the book’s website here

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