In Broken Hearts, Faded Love, Sandradene Walters Examines The Thorny Part of The Rose

Silver Spring, MD – Broken Heart, Faded Love, the fifth collection of poetry by Sandradene Walters, is out now and available for purchase.

Broken Heart, Faded Love is a powerful expression of life, feelings, emotions and the many facets that people are caught in between. Broken Heart, Faded Love is the truth about pain. Each poem offers a raw and tangible perspective about the fragility of the heart and the journey of our relationships.

“Everyone has experienced a broken heart at one point or another,” says Sandradene. “We’ve all been disappointed in love, and we all know those feelings can be quite painful. But rather than run from what we’re feeling, I think it’s better to be fully present and go through it, while being kind to ourselves and reserving judgment. Only then can we see the real lessons that come from heartbreak.” (Published by Blue Artists, LLC, 2016)  

The collection of 18 new poems features titles such as:

  • Torn
  • Empty Arms
  • No More Morning Love
  • Broken
  • Damn You
  • The Truth

“These poems cover a range of emotions. There’s something in here for everyone to relate to.”

Broken Heart, Faded Love (Blue Artists, LLC, 2016) is available, in print, on and on the author’s website, An ebook version will be released shortly.

About the Sandradene Walters

Sandradene Walters is an author and poet with a love of words. She’s on a journey to love using poetic expression through bold, rhythmic, and sensuous language. She’s always had an embedded passion for expressing how she feels about love. She has now taken her passion and love for words and has created work that she hopes her readers will allow to carry them to a place that is both deep and uninhibited. Through her work, she seeks to empower readers to feel encouraged to express their true feelings to those that they hold dear. 

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