Scientists in Creative Proteomics Held Internal Meeting Which Summarized Progress in Assay Kits

New York, USA – Scientists in Creative Proteomics held an internal meeting, in which they summarized the progress in assay kits in the past year. In this seminar, experienced scientists from Creative Proteomics mainly introduce the achievements on their ATP assay kit, Lipase assay kits and Magnesium assay kit, which are developed by specialists with extensive experience.

For drug discovery and life science researches, assay kits play a very vital role in studying disease pathways, screening for potential drug candidates and evaluating biopharmaceutical production process.

ATP assay kit

Living things needs all kinds of energy to maintain their daily life, such as muscle’s mechanical work, cellular movements, active transport molecules and ions and the synthesis of macromolecules and other biomolecules. During most of these processes, the ATP is a very important free energy carrier. This also determines the significant role of ATP assay kit. In ATP, it contains a cell lysis reagent, which has great lysis impact on a variety of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, and in many cases it can be utilized to detect the microbial contamination. And of course, ATP assay kit can be applied in tube luminometers and microplate-format luminometers.

Lipase assay kits

Lipase is essential in the transportation, processing of dietary and the digestion, which are mainly concerned on coronary heart disease(CHD). Lipase assay kit in Creative Protoemics is provided with a fluorescence-based method, which is utilized to detect lipase activity in plasma, serum, tissue homogenates and cell culture samples. And lipase hydrolyzes arachidonoyl-1-thioglycerol to arachidonic acid and thioglycerol, which can react with the thiol fluorometric detector to yield a highly fluorescent product. And this product can be analyzed with an excitation wavelength of 380-390nm and an emission wavelength of 510-520nm.

Magnesium assay kit

Magenesium belongs to one of the most abundant and essential minerals in mammals. And it also plays an essential role in the body tissue, such as muscle and nerve functions, immune system, bone formation and heart rhythm. However, nausea, fatigue, muscle contractions and other symptoms can be caused because of the deficiency of magnesium. So magnesium assay kit is very important in measuring magnesium in biological samples without any pretreatment. In this kit, a colored complex specifically with magnesium by a calmagite dye. What’s more, the intensity of the color is directly proportional to the magnesium concentration in the sample.

These three kits with high-quality are featured products in Creative Proteomics. With these advanced services, assay kits field will get more and more important.

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