How to Write a Novel in a Month

It is not impossible to write a novel in a month, but some discipline and structure is needed to do this. Setting time aside from writing is important. Writing should become a habit and something the writer should anticipate doing. They should set a schedule that fits their time schedule. Some feel inspired at night while others work best in the mornings. It is also important to have a separate writing space from the usual work area as this helps avoid interruptions caused by other things and puts the writer’s mind into writing mode.

For those who want to know how to write a novel, the first step is writing an outline for each chapter including the major things that will occur in every chapter. Writing out the major extra details for every chapter is also important. These can be described as the plot twists. An outline should be made for every main character with all their quirks and characteristics. There may be other characters that might appear in a chapter or two and never to be heard from again or they could join the plot and become a main character in the end. Extra characters may not need to be described in detail, but it can serve as a reminder that there’s a bunch of characters making an appearance.

Locations are important places the novel uses. Writers could make a note of a few things like the names a coffee shop, for instance, uses for their cakes and drinks. Props are important things that help the story progress. Some authors keep the props common, but with some special detail to add depth. Others provide a lot of details that readers could almost smell and feel the items.

Writing a novel may not be easy, but aspiring writers should not be discouraged. There may be days when they cannot complete a page or even an entire chapter or hit a writer’s block. Writing a rough draft may help. Writers can just write whatever that comes to their mind and edit it later. Editing hinders the creative flow as it uses a different part of the mind that is much more analytical. It clashes with one’s creative juices, impeding both the writing and editing process. Perfecting the words and revising can come later.

Deleting an entire paragraph or chapter is not uncommon when analyzing and revising the novel structure, but this is less likely to happen as the writer gets more experience in writing. Aspiring writers should have no fear. People usually don’t write because they think that what they made won’t be good enough. The first draft may not really be that good, but if the writer keeps on writing, his work will become better as it will become more natural. Once finished, they can read their work and correct those that need to be corrected. They can then share their first draft with reliable friends who will really support them.

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