New Dog Litter Revolutionizes Potty Training

PLEASANTON, CA – 21 Apr, 2016 – Coco’s K9 Products is an up and coming company offering an innovative product for the average pet owner. Developed with you and your dog in mind, Coco’s Dog Litter is made with natural woodchips infused with a proprietary attractant that makes dogs want to relieve themselves.

“Activating your dog’s primal instincts Coco’s Dog Litter attracts your dog and makes them want to mark their territory in the area you define with our dog litter,” according to owner and CEO of Coco’s K-9 Products, Scott Morey. “We are here today because I love my dog Coco, but when we first adopted her from an at-risk shelter, she ended up destroying our lawn within weeks. My wife hinted that I needed to figure out a solution or get rid of the dog.” 

As a result, Scott created a proprietary attractant that makes dogs want to mark their territory. Woodchips infused with the attractant make it easy and aesthetically pleasing to designate a specific area for your dog’s business. Useable indoors and outdoors Coco’s Dog Litter is biodegradable and non-toxic. This product is 100% natural and made in America.

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