Airwheel launched another sincere product S8 Sitting-posture electric scooter

In the industry of intelligent electric scooters, Airwheel has a good reputation no matter it is the quality of its products or the practicability. Coping with the current market that attaches utmost importance to safety specification, Airwheel launched another sincere product, S8 double-wheels electric scooter.

Airwheel has strong word-of-mouth buzz from its quality to practicability. The current market attaches more and more importance to safety specification so we can say this new double-wheels electric scooter S8 launched by Airwheel is very proper for the occasion. The updated version of multiple riding postures self-balancing scooter, S8 electric walkcar, will be a hot product. With the good reputation of Airwheel in the past years, S8 two wheel electric walkcar’s quality will be absolutely self-evident.

two wheel saddle-equipped scooters

Now that Airwheel S8 is the updated version of Airwheel S6, there must be places which are same. For example, both of these two wheel saddle-equipped scooters alter the two gyroscopes into three and four gyroscopes. They are all very easy to learn and control. Riders can stand to ride or sit to ride as their wishes. This is the advantage of multiple riding postures control.

However, what are the differences between S8 and S6? There are totally three main improvements. Firstly, S8 two wheels electric walkcar changes the 8-inch tyres into 10-inches tyres. The large tyres of S8 can better adapt to all kinds of road conditions. Secondly, S8 replaces the solid tyres into the pneumatic tyres together with the special tyre tread design, which can achieve the better effect of shock absorption and better performance of road holding. In this case, it greatly reduces the possibility of slipping. Finally, the C-shape control lever is also a highlight for S8 which makes it looks more beautiful and improves the operating experience for turning.

S8 two wheels electric walkcar

It is also necessary to mention that the seat package of S8 electric scooter with seat is optimized. Not only the gravity is adjusted to the back, but also the shape and hardness are different from S6. The shape of seat of S8 increases the comfort level when riding. Based on the attention got on CeBIT and the optimized details of Airwheel S8, it should be counted as a very sincere product of Airwheel Technology and it is an electric walkcar worthy of attention this year for riders.

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