Next Door Locksmith Joins the Global G+ Community

Next Door Locksmith has joined the global G+ community with a very active Google plus page. Now, Next Door Locksmith can reach their customers better and share updates right away with Google searchers.

Google Plus (Google+) is a social network with Google that launched in 2011. This community allows Google+ members to communicate, to micro-blog, to share updates, and to connect in a way that is unlike Twitter or Facebook.

One of the key benefits of Google+ is that it can improve your local search visibility, especially for smaller or medium-sized businesses. Improved search visibility in Google makes it far more likely that customers will not only see your business but will solicit your services. Anyone in business and marketing knows that visibility is key. No customer will pay you for service if they don’t know who you are. With Google+, your visibility can improve so that Google searchers are more likely to find you.

Additionally, the contents of your Google+ page may rank higher in search results than your actual website. If you are posting images, interacting with customers, getting reviews, etc. on your Google+ page, you may be more likely to be noticed by potential new customers.

Another major benefit for Next Door Locksmith is that their Google+ page is connected to their website. Anyone who searches Google for Next Door Locksmith will see the Google Knowledge Panel appear on the screen, full of key information about the company pulled directly from their Google+ page. Immediately, just by typing in “Next Door Locksmith” into Google, a viewer can find out their address, phone number, business hours, and even see customer reviews.

As a part of the global Google+ community, Next Door Locksmith is primed to connect with many satisfied customers. Indeed, if you search Google for “Next Door Locksmith” you will see the Knowledge Panel showing their many 5-star reviews and key contact information. Looking further at their Google+ page, you will find posts, social connections, and photos that indicate a very active Google+ page.

Some of the information included directly on their Google+ page shows potential customers that their 24 hour locksmith services are provided throughout Calgary with a guaranteed 30 minute arrival time. They openly share that their prices are competitive and that they provide free quotes with every call. The company offers any locksmith service, even on an emergency basis, 24 hours a day with their fully-licensed technicians.

David Stokolff, Senior Marketing Manager for Next Door Locksmith (, is excited to be a part of the Google+ community.

“We’ve entered a time where the whole world can be connected,” says Stokolff. “Gone are the days where you had to count on word-of-mouth to get your name out there. Now we are actively connected to each and every customer, and we’re ready to reach anyone else who wants to join our community. We’re excited to see where this leads for our customers and for our business.”

To check out their Google+ page, visit

About Next Door Locksmith

Next Door Locksmith is a 24 hour locksmith service throughout Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Well-established and fully-staffed, Next Door Locksmith is always available to help out Calgary residents with any locksmith need.

Call Next Door Locksmith at 587-747-2656 or visit

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