SYOPTEK Reduced Retail Prices of DWDM and FWDM Passive Components

SYOPTEK International, a reputable China based manufacturer of DWDM and FWDM passive components, recently offered massive discounts on FWDM and DWDM passive components.

SYOPTEK International, a manufacturer of fiber optic tools and fiber optic cleaning kits, recently heavily reduced the prices of DWDM and FWDM passive components. The owners said that the price drop is especially aimed at encouraging overseas importers and authorized dealers of their products. They also added that by reducing prices, they aim to beat the breakneck competition in the European and North American markets.

“Price is a major concern for many of our overseas dealers and importers. We wanted to reduce the prices of the products that we offer with the sole purpose of attracting overseas importers. We think that the Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing or DWDM modules and the Filter Wavelength Division Multiplexing or FWDM modules will be high in demand during the second quarter of this financial year. We, therefore, decided to revise our pricing policy much in advance so that our overseas buyers get encouraged to buy our products,” said a sales officer of SYOPTEK International.

SYOPTEK’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China is spread over an area of six thousand square meters. Apart from manufacturing FWDM, DWDM and CWDM components, the company is also recognized as a leading research institute in China that emphasizes highly on precision engineering and innovation. The second factory of SYOPTEK is in Xiamen, and it mainly produces fiber optic cleaning kits and fiber optic termination kits.

“Fiber optic cleaning tools and fiber optic termination tools have always been our forte. However, our market analysts have predicted an unprecedented growth in the industry. We have reduced the prices of our specialty products to capture a larger part of the overseas market,” told the CEO of SYOPTEK during a press conference. “It’s not that we are not big in the overseas market. We are already a trusted manufacturer and supplier for our overseas distributors and dealers. However, we want to spread our business further afield and the revision in pricing is the first little step that we took to achieve our export targets,” the CEO briefed the future objectives of his company in this manner during the press event.

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