Passfeed Launched Social Networking App For American College Students To Enjoy Social And Intellectual Time

Passfeed social networking app functions like most other apps in its category but this is actually the best when it comes to specific benefits and target audience.

Passfeed has a target base and that is American College students and it covers precise areas needful for students to make the best use of their time both socially and intellectually. When you use the Passfeed networking social app, you are guaranteed to get exactly what you deserve and seek as a college kid ranging from dating, party finding, video chatting, photo and video sharing, weather report updates, and keeping up with the most trendy happenings in the schools and immediate societies.

Now – other social media platform like Facebook or Twitter allows you to do some of these as is available on Passfeed but for other dedicated areas such as precise targeting, they would require that you pay for advert to get it going.

So with Passfeed, a user can enjoy so much for free, and it cost you nothing to date the most sexy girl or sexy guy in your college or some other colleges in the United States.

If you are yet to get on board using Passfeed and you feel you have to take your social networking experience to the next higher level, then consider joining the network now by going to Apple or Google play store to download the app and start enjoying what over 56 million users on the network are enjoying every seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and year in year out.

It is a classic world of its own and brings excitement into your life with every swipe of adventure you make on your iPhone or any other smart phone.

Facebook and Twitter though came on board before Passfeed, but they are yet to understand how Passfeed is so much loved and talked about in this sector and how it is actually impacting lives positively with several countless testimonials of how folks meet their life partners, of how parties are being organized and found and how relationships and communications simply keep the users more enlightened, more educated, more friendly, and with more fun and live adventures in place at all times.

A day spent using your precious time on Passfeed is worth more than a month spent on any other social networking platform and this is because this is the new trend for the trendy folks in the social hemisphere.

 Passfeed Social Networking App

About Passfeed

Passfeed is a popular location-based social networking app in America. Through Passfeed, people can make new friends, discover surrounding and share life moments with other like-minded users. Passfeed quickly gained popularity and became the favored social network among the top party schools in America after launched. College students love to use Passfeed to make friends and organize parties, so people can easily find many stylish guys with six-pack abs and tan skin girls on Passfeed. Passfeed is accessible to Facebook users as well!

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