Violette Bakers Seeks Financing to Rebuild in New Location – 200% Rent Increase Forces Closure of Only Gluten-Free Shop in Community

Violette Bakers ( is looking for a new home after notification that its monthly rent will increase by more than 200%, forcing it to move from its current location at 1001 Massachusetts Avenue.

In order to help pay for the costs of having to move its existing kitchen and build a 100% contaminant-free cooking environment in a new location, Violette Bakers founder Leesteffy Jenkins is seeking support from local customers as well members of the gluten-free community and public at large. “Since we opened last year, Violette Bakers has been the only shop in Cambridge to offer fresh, handmade from scratch gluten-free products to the gluten intolerant population in this area,” noted Jenkins. “I feel I’m providing a much needed and appreciated service to the community, and will hate leaving my ever-loyal customers who have come to count on our products to enhance their lives, even if only in a small way. Finding a new storefront in this area would be the ideal solution.”

The goal is to raise $50,000 -70.000 by September to pay for the special construction required to create a “dedicated” gluten-free kitchen. According to Jenkins, existing kitchen spaces are unfortunately few and far between, expensive, and do not comply with the gluten-free standards she requires. “Our best option is to find an affordable space and then build out our own gluten-free food preparation setting,” said Jenkins.

“I created Violette Bakery to show that gluten free foods can be both good for you and good tasting,” continued Jenkins, who has Celiac Disease, a genetic gluten intolerance disorder affecting 3 million Americans. “That idea goes against the prevailing belief that gluten-free foods are synomonous with bad taste, but it’s at the heart of my personal food revolution – great tasting, vibrant gluten-free food for everyone!” 

Jenkins sold exclusively at local Farmer’s Markets for a year before opening a store front for Violette Bakers in October 2013. Violette Bakers quickly attracted a strong, dedicated word-of-mouth following in the community. “Most of my customers couldn’t believe that what they were eating was gluten free,” noted Jenkins. “Several actually teared up, overjoyed to have found delicious, pure gluten-free foods after believing they were condemned to suffer bland, uninspired choices in order to adhere to their gluten-intolerant diet.” Since then, Violette Bakershas gained a singular reputation for its quality cuisine in the greater Boston area both at the store and at local-area farmer’s markets. In January this year, it was honored as one of the region’s “Best of the New” bakeries by the Boston Globe.

Besides the 3 million Celiac Disease sufferers in this country, gluten-free foods are also gaining popularity among the additional estimated 20 million Americans afflicted by one of the many less severe symptoms of gluten intolerance. “My mission is to erase the current dietary lines between GF and non-GF products so that everyone can enjoy great tasting foods whether or not they have an intolerance to gluten,” continued Jenkins.

The key to Violette Bakers success is reflected in Jenkins’ personal commitment to a strict gluten-free baking philosophy: 1.) the kitchen is a “dedicated” gluten-free environment assuring that non gluten-free products are excluded from the bakery, thus insuring no air-borne contaminants; 2) to the extent possible,  the products are made with local, organic, humane, .fresh ingredients made to be consumed on a daily basis – Jenkins doesn’t believe that value-added food should ever be shipped; and 3) the gluten-free flour used in all of the baking is milled on the premise to guarantee that it is completely gluten-free. Violette Bakers uses a variety of whole gluten free grains. For instance, pastry flour is made using a special heirloom variety of organic brown rice grown only in California. “We have the only dedicated gluten free mill in the area, ensuring a freshness and purity no other bakery who gets their flour from an outside supplier can match,” noted Jenkins. “Most large scale producers of gluten-free flour use a cheaper long-grain rice that results in a gritty feel. To the best of my knowledge, there is only the one producer in California using the special variety of rice we do. Our store-milled flour is the basis for the deliciousness in all our goods, and it sets us apart from other gluten-free operations. We are truly in a league of our own in this regard, and our customers taste and appreciate the results.” 

Funds to support Violette Bakery can be contributed to the Indiegogo campaign at the Violette Bakery website (website as well as at Indiegogo ( “I believe strongly in my mission to create the highest quality, handmade, healthy gluten-free foods that also taste delicious,” noted Jenkins. “As one who has Celiac Disease and other food sensitivities, I know personally how important it is for gluten-intolerant people to have a diet that consists of good tasting – as well as healthy – gluten-free foods.” 

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