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Los Angeles, CA – April 22, 2016 –When it comes to running a business there are certain things that simply make day-to-day easier, and something as simple as custom storage and cabinetry or a custom environment has the ability to do that. Boyd Industries is doing just that by changing the entire face of the dental industry with customizable cabinetry and equipment. Boyd has the ability to make any workspace more workable with beautiful cabinets, equipment, and so much more.

Boyd Industries is featured on this week’s episode of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®. The company has been in business for over 55 years and knows what it takes to cater to the market. Boyd Industries has the ability to create custom cabinetry and storage solutions, custom design elements, and custom equipment that meets the needs of your office and the space that you have.

Vice President of Programming JL Haber says, “Boyd Industries no longer forces customers to buy cookie cutter products. Their goal is to fully customize each space that they work with and they are doing just that.”

Boyd Industries not only creates beautiful spaces, they also work to incorporate the equipment that you need to have a successful work place. Boyd can help you install exam and treatment chairs, tables, custom cabinetry, video game consoles, operatory lighting and tons of other wonderful accessories that can help you to make the most of the space that you have.

Boyd Industries makes it possible for you to have a custom work place that is made to fit your needs and that is made to order with only the finest materials and manufacturing processes. Boyd Industries is certainly an innovative solution to all your office needs and can help you make the most of the space that you have been given.

Boyd Industries is certainly a new way of thinking when it comes to the design of your office space and of the materials, equipment, and storage that you need to make the most of your space. Boyd Industries is an innovative company and you can find out more on this week’s episode of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®.

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About Boyd Industries

BOYD Industries is a market leader in the design and manufacture of specialty dental and medical operatory equipment. BOYD’s products include a full line of dental exam, treatment and surgical chairs, dental delivery systems, LED exam and surgical lighting, custom sterilization and storage cabinetry, doctor or assistant seating, and video game consoles. BOYD equipment is specifically designed to provide maximum practice productivity while incorporating ergonomic characteristics for the doctor, staff and patient. As an original equipment manufacturer, BOYD uses a vertically integrated manufacturing approach to assure it meets high quality standards. To learn more about BOYD products, please visit

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