Dr. Michael Stachiw launches resource guide for Raspberry Pi

Dr. Michael Stachiw has turned author and is releasing his new book, Raspberry Pi Resource Guide on Amazon. The book offers a detailed guide to the users on making the best use of their Raspberry Pi, a small computer that can be used to learn programming with the help of practical and fun projects.

The Raspberry Pi Resource Guide is a handy book that consists of elaborate information on using the Raspberry Pi computer while also providing long term reference materials. By using this book, the readers will be able to understand the tiny computer in a better way and utilize it properly. The book begins with a thorough introduction of the topic so that beginners can understand it and later progresses to advanced topics.

Some of the topics covered include accessing the web using Raspberry Pi and chapters on basic projects such as turning LED on/off, light sensors, temperature sensor, and detecting a switch’s position, among others. The book also features an explanation about Linux shell commands, Linux directory structure, Breadboard, and Arduino. It also contains chapters on Python references such as Python GUI, command lines, escape sequences and others. There is a detailed chapter on Arduino Reference and various othertopics are covered on sketch reference.

Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer that can be plugged into a computer monitor or TV. It uses a standard keyboard and mouse, and allows people of all ages to explore computing as well as learn programming in languages like Python and Scratch. This little device can do almost all the functions of a desktop computer such as browsing the net, playing HD video, creating documents, and playing games. It can also be used to make digital maker projects ranging from music machines, tweeting birdhouses, and detectors to weather stations.

Raspberry Pi is gaining popularity among people everywhere, yet less people are able to explore and understand its whole potential. This is why Stachiw has created this book to help adults and kids across the world learn everything about the mini computer. The mini device is the brain child of UK based educational charity named Raspberry Pi which is aimed to provide computer education to people all over the world.

More information about the book can be found on Amazon.

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Dr. Mike Stachiw is the co-owner of Strategic Mapping & Data Services, LLC that works towards providing marketing support to all types of business, large or small. He has more than 30 years of experience in technology and holds a Ph.D. in Food Science along with Masters in Agribusiness and Management.

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