With Cooking Guide & Easy Pockets Klicook’s Innovative Apron Makes Coveted Gift In 2016

Klicook’s new innovative Cheat Sheet Apron seems to be a coveted gift on Amazon this year with its cooking guide, easy pockets, 100% extra durable cotton body, unisex classy black & red design and universal size.
Jersey City, NJ – 25th April, 2016 – Best gifts are those with beauty and functionality entwined together. Can a mere cooking apron make a coveted gift? Well, when one has a practical cooking guide attached to a stylish red & black apron made from 100% extra durable cotton, it’s not just any cooking apron but a winning present for the dear culinary enthusiasts.
No wonder, Klicook’s new innovative Cheat Sheet Apron is making waves over Amazon as one of the best gifts for 2016 with its comfortable cotton canvas, easy pockets and a handy cooking guide.

Made of 100% cotton, the cheat sheet or cooking guide comes attached with the apron by a wide Velcro Strip and is thinner than the actual apron. It is easily removable and is packed with necessary cooking information such as tips and tricks to be followed in the kitchen, cooking terms, imperial to metric conversion table, pointers on cooking temperature- added to beautiful fun quotes to making cooler even amidst the soaring temperatures in the kitchen.

“This apron is going to make a wonderful gift for new cooks or culinary veterans. The cooking guide with imperial to metric conversion table is a fantastic touch to it and something not available with any other apron around,” stated Marisa who bought the apron last week and happily rated it with 5 stars.

“We wanted to bring in something new to the market that would be beautifully designed, handy to use & would carry something that would exceed the expectations – and our innovative Cheat Sheet Apron fits the bill perfectly. The cotton canvas used speaks of ideal thickness needed in kitchen and the phenomenal presence of cooking guide makes it quite a winner. We have also added 2 pockets where you can keep your phone or notebook or pen and we have taken to a unanimous favorite of classy black & red combo apron body to ensure a cool unisex use,” stated a spokesperson from Klicook.

The complete cotton body of the apron has also received rave reviews from several quarters and so its universal size and wide waist straps that can fit a broad range of waist sizes (25” to 115”) including even the plus size cooks. The straps could be tied either from back or from front to ensure a hassle-free wear.

The spokesperson further informed about the apron’s customizable neck straps which ensure a snug & firm fit for any user- regardless of height, weight, shape and size.

“One of the best bits about the apron is its complete cotton body which is much needed to breathe comfortably in the sultry ambience of a kitchen. Moreover, cotton body acts as a good absorbent to spills & stains, preventing them from reaching to your clothes,” stated a chef who is also a happy customer of the Klicook’s Cheat Sheet Apron.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/UBzbg1_bCkY

“It would make the most perfect & hottest gift whether you are planning something for a house warming party or some birthday/ anniversary celebration,” the spokesperson added in.

For more information or to purchase the apron please visit Amazon.

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